4 agency apps highlight the power of mobile tech

Agencies are beginning to tailor public information and services to mobile users in new and exciting ways, and these four applications are just the beginning.

Why high-performance clouds are best kept in-house

Commercial providers can't match agencies such as the Energy Department, NIH and NOAA when it comes to the cost and performance of HPC clouds.

5 agencies design robots of the future

Five agencies team to design robotic doctors, helpers, farmworkers and bomb-removers.

Cancer institute's PKI system shows how it's done

The National Cancer Institute and Bristol-Myers Squibb have developed a working example of public-key infrastructure that increases efficiency, saves money and eliminates paper at little cost to NCI.

Using digital signatures: What took so long?

The digital signature is a technology whose time has come and has the potential to save money, streamline processes and help the environment by eliminating paperwork, says one NIH official.

NIH and drug industry build a bridge to paperless processes

The National Cancer Institute and Bristol-Myers Squibb are using digital certificates to eliminate paper in a cancer therapy evaluation program, a trend that advocates hope will become more widespread in government.

Culture, management issues continue to affect consolidation efforts

The success of data center consolidation initiatives will be determined more by culture and management issues than technology, according to federal managers and industry experts speaking at a recent conference on data center optimization.

Innovative NIH online purchasing system honored

National Institutes of Health's Purchasing Online Tracking System generates $1 million in savings a year by eliminating double data entry and reducing staffing and resource costs.

Site takes the guesswork out of identifying pills

The National Library of Medicine's Pillbox Web site gives users a quick, easy way to identify the contents of a pill, with a system that narrows down the possibilities from thousands of records.

Agencies sponsor $12M IT innovation contest

Organizations can compete on six teams for the best innovations in smart grid, IT infrastructure and green technology.

Obama wants nearly $80B for IT projects

The administration has proposed only a small increase for IT spending in fiscal 2011.

NIH Pillbox prototype is easy to digest

The National Institutes of Health's online prototype pill verification system, Pillbox, owes its success to user-centered development, its project manager said.

Prison computer recycling put staff, inmates at risk, NIOSH finds

Prisoners were exposed to toxins, but poor record-keeping makes it hard to know how extensively, according to a report from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

Professors propose research-based approach to social media

Ben Shneiderman and his colleagues offer a plan to harness social media for the greater good.

Tom Termini | Zen and the art of service-oriented architectures

The author of "The Zen of SOA" talks about how to align the concept of a service-oriented architecture with the components that make it work.

NIH expands use of emergency alert system

The national Institutes of Health expands its use of Send Word Now, a Web-based emergency notification system.