Should technology let us violate Titanic's gravesite?

We need to respect the human remains at Titanic's wreckage and support the efforts of NOAA and others to protect the site.

ATF to drop BlackBerrys and switch to iPhones

The agency joins the march away from RIM products, which were once ubiquitous in government.

National Geospatial Platform still has a few mountains to climb

The depository for federal GIS data is operating but must clear some hurdles before it can reach its full potential, geospatial information officers say.

How NOAA went from zero to cloud in a year

In just a little more than a year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration went from shopping for solutions for desktop services to a full-scale implementation of Google Apps for Government. Here are some milestones in that process.

Google Apps on the job: The GCN Lab tries it out at NOAA

With agencies looking to Google Apps for Government as a cloud computing option, the Lab's Greg Crowe visits NOAA, where a team is putting collaboration, customization and cost-control to work.

NOAA switching from BlackBerrys to Apple iPhones, iPads

Google Apps for Government makes cross-platform central management of mobile devices possible, and BlackBerry Enterprise Server unnecessary.

NOAA app lets you track aurora from solar storms

If the aurora from coming solar storms will bring Northern (or Southern) Lights to your latitude, OVATION can let you know ahead of time.

Largest solar storm in 7 years could disrupt GPS signals, power grid

Storm also could bring Northern Lights to parts of the lower 48.

NOAA, Pittsburgh complete switch to Google Apps

Over a six-month period, NOAA moves 25,000 employees, contractors and associates to Google Apps; the city of Pittsburgh moved 3,000 employees on time and on budget.

Geospatial Platform puts data, maps and apps all in one place

A multiagency effort is developing a one-stop shop for accurate, interoperable geospatial data, maps and tools from across government.

Don't panic: Nationwide test of emergency alert system set for Nov. 9

The first nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System, set for Nov. 9, will see how the country handles sensory deprivation, even if for a little while.

NOAA app delivers aerial, satellite imagery to mobile devices

A new Web application allows first responders to access disaster images directly on their smart phones and tablets.

National Weather Service mobile site to get facelift

The National Weather Service will refresh its mobile website,, which offers weather forecasts by ZIP code.

Heat wave: So hot you can see it from space

A NOAA animation based on satellite data puts the heat wave in context, while it and other agencies offer practical tips for staying cool.

How FDsys makes NOAA's records secure, accessible, permanent

More than 5,000 historical documents from NOAA's Coastal Services Center will be archived and made permanently available through the Federal Digital System, an authoritative source for digital public records.

NOAA moving e-mail to Google's cloud

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration plans to migrate 25,000 e-mail users to a cloud-based unified messaging service by the end of the year.

Hurricane season? Really? FEMA widget can help you prepare.

It’s open season for hurricanes as of June 1, and FEMA wants you to prepare now before a potentially active season heats up.