Non-Combat Technologies

Is military ruggedization going, going, gone?

Formal ruggedization practices and procedures were once a necessity for the battlefield, but are they still essential for a military that increasingly relies on commercial-off-the-shelf computing and communications gear? Perhaps not.

Desktop virtualization: Is the future now?

As smart phones and tablets redefine personal computing, agencies across the United States are giving desktop virtualization a fresh look. Could yours be next?

Google closes in on Motorola Mobility acquisition

Both companies have been playing a part in the military's move toward smart phones.

DOD must trim, restructure network infrastructure

DOD's Deputy CIO Robert Carey says military networks, including 900 data centers, need to be cut and allowed to share data to achieve true efficiency levels and interoperability.

For government, cost-cutting is mobile's real killer app

The demand for agencies to lower their operating costs is driving the government's acceleration toward mobile; user convenience is second.

A space-time cloak? Time holes? It's not science fiction anymore.

New research in creating time holes to cloak events sounds esoteric, but hackers might be able to use it to mask online intrusions into IT systems.

DOD still wrestling with scalability, security for wireless networks

DOD experts discuss the challenges involved in issuing mobile devices to military and civilian personnel.

Humanoid robot moves like a soldier, can drop and give you 20

Boston Dynamics' two-legged, two-armed (though headless) anthropomorphic robot is used in testing soldiers' protective clothing. Check out the video.

Navy enables on-base WiFi access for Reserve personnel

With CAC readers already available to Navy Reserve personnel, providing WiFi access to the NMCI on base is a logical and cost-effective solution for accommodating online demand.

Army looks to troops for smart-phone tech advice

In a departure from the military's use-it-and-like-it mindset, the Defense Department is studying the human factors involved in outfitting warfighters with smart phones.

Improved image tagging refines battlefield situational awareness

As networking makes all types of data readily available to warfighters, technical planners are continuing to enhance techniques to make sure warfighters can find the files they need.

Marines find that going green has military value, too

More efficient systems and solar-powered devices at forward bases can help save energy, money and, at times, even lives.

Army's Global Network Enterprise closer to reality

The Global Network Enterprise, which was developed to improve compatibility within the LandWarNet architecture, is moving from concept to implementation.

How DOD's info assurance plan is evolving

DOD cyber experts are taking a tactical approach, building a security infrastructure designed to armor-plate sensitive information and critical systems.

DCGS helps Army battle intell information ambush

The latest version of the Distributed Common Ground System-Army deployed to Afghanistan has the notable distinction of being the DOD's first tactical cloud-computing node.

DISA to boost video and data content delivery to troops

DISA is launching efforts to improve content delivery services and provide additional storage capacity to military users.

DARPA loses contact with aircraft traveling at Mach 20

Hopes for successful use of a hypersonic vehicle to aid the Defense Department's Prompt Global Strike plan were dimmed by a second unsuccessful test Aug. 11.