North Carolina

State uses analytics to build roads faster, cheaper

North Carolina's Transportation and Water Quality departments use SAS Analytics to analyze huge volumes of geographic data to build roads faster, reduce costly land surveys and minimize environmental impact.

North Carolina uses analytics to manage pension fund risks

The state's treasurer employs SAS Institute analytics software to protect its $72.8 billion portfolio.

North Carolina gets its IT portfolio under control

Project management software lets the state's PMO dashboard its projects, score them against strategic goals and save money in the process.

North Carolina lawmakers KO municipal broadband

The legislature has passed a law that makes it nearly impossible for cities to offer services.

Battle over municipal broadband brews in North Carolina

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn says a bill in the state senate hurt local governments’ efforts to deliver broadband service where it’s needed.

NC city mixes remote access with authentication control

Replacing multiple RADIUS solutions with a single 802.1x authentication platform lets Gastonia, N.C., provide remote access to employees in the field while maintaining control over its network resources.

Keys to access control: visibility, granularity, 'set it and forget it'

The abilities to set detailed policies and see how users are connecting were selling points when Gastonia, N.C., decided on Avenda Systems for its access control system.

North Carolina plans to privatize IT services

North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue wants to centralize and outsource the state's IT services, which would close 100 IT shops.