Can NSA be trusted to oversee public networks?

A lack of transparent oversight of the agency charged with snooping on foreign communications makes it a poor choice for handling domestic security.

Smart-grid security delayed by questions of government regulation

With billions of dollars being invested a smart electric grid, its security still is being debated by a Congress divided politically over the role of government in securing critical infrastructure.

NSA: Inconsistent products preventing secure Android phones

The agency wants to enable top-secret security on commercial smart phones but can't find the standards-based commercial products that meet its needs.

DOD wants in on protecting civilian infrastructure

Defense Deputy Secretary Ashton B. Carter calls for support of greater info sharing between government and the private sector at the 2012 RSA Conference.

Anonymous gets NSA's attention, promises regular Friday attacks

The hacker collective plans regular strikes against government and corporate sites, while NSA's chief reportedly is concerned the group could soon be capable of attacking the power grid.

Bipartisan cyber bill now the center of partisan turf war

Sen. Joe Lieberman's attempt to strike the "right balance" draws the ire of Sen. John McCain and other GOP leaders, who are planning their own bill.

Could NSA's whitelisting approach to security catch on in government?

Protecting systems by blocking everything but approved apps has been difficult to manage, but NSA's approach could provide a template.

Secure Android kernel could make for 'classified' smart phones

A public/private research team develops a hardened kernel for Android 3.0, which could lead to widespread use of smart phones in military and emergency operations.

NSA's open-source project aims for secure, large-scale storage

The agency has submitted its label-based Accumulo software to the Apache Incubator, asking for developer contributions.

Why can't novels get technology right?

IT flubs make techno-thrillers such as Dan Brown's "Digital Fortress" unintentionally funny.

NSA looks to protect defense contractors from cyberattack

The National Security Agency is offering its scanning tools to protect e-mail and other digital communications for major defense contractors, as part of what could be an escalating cyber war.

Continuous monitoring has some growing up to do

Tools for monitoring the security status of IT systems are available, but a lack of standardization leaves administrators “drowning in noise,” government officials say.

NSA to test smart devices on commercial architecture

The intelligence agency will test mobile virtual network operators – MVNOs -- according to NextGov.

DNA from NSA encoded into smart-phone monitoring tool

The Fixmo Sentinel, available initially for BlackBerry smart phones, is a commercialized version of the NSA AutoBerry tool, licensed through NSA’s Technology Transfer Program.

What's so hard about public/private partnerships?

Everyone agrees that public/private partnerships are necessary to improve cybersecurity. So why is everyone still asking for them?

NSA reveals its secret: No backdoor in encryption standard

The National Security Agency wanted to make DES as strong as possible without adding any surprises, NSA official Dickie George said, but did not install a backdoor, as so many have suspected: "We're actually pretty good guys."

$1B NSA 'spy' center underway in Utah

The cyber intelligence data center being built in Utah will gather and aggregate data on a variety of cyber threats and help defend Defense Department and civilian government networks.