Spymasters in search of forecasting software to enhance intell analysis

The research organization for intelligence agencies wants organizations to propose research to develop methods that provide more accurate, precise and timely intelligence forecasts.

Billions expected for cybersecurity research

The deputy director of national intelligence for acquisition and technology told a recent cybersecurity connference that her office and the White House Office of Science and Technology plan a multibillion dollar research project on cybersecurity.

Wanted: A better system for intelligence collection

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity's Smart Collection office wants to fund research into ways to make collected intelligence more valuable.

Officers to get guidelines for open-source intell

Officials are drawing up guidance and certifications for people in the country's intelligence agencies who develop open-source intelligence.

Reduced funding might actually improve intelligence work

Declining budgets could force intelligence agencies to streamline redundant analysis systems.

Information handcuffs: Counterterrorism IT needs support from the top, Congress told

Intelligence agencies face policy and privacy questions as they look to harness IT to fix problems identified after the failed Christmas Day bombing attempt.

U.S. would lose a cyber war, former intell chief warns

The country needs to make a national commitment to securing cyberspace before a catastropic attack occurs.

Cyber threat growing at unprecedented rate, intell chief says

Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair today gave a blunt assessment of the many cyber threats faced by U.S. government and private-sector networks.

Securing critical infrastructure needs holistic approach, panel says

A panel of government security officials called for a broader view of cybersecurity and greater cooperation among stakeholders to counter the threats facing an increasingly critical, connected and diverse information infrastructure.

Blair, Gates sign memo to build spy satellite network

The multi-billion dollar program would add a further layer of complexity to the administration’s current budget crunch dilemma.

CAG offers triage for security

Federal CIOs and CISOs should consider adopting a new set of network security recommendations, named the Consensus Audit Guidelines.

Cybersecurity gets increased funding in Obama's first budget

Obama wants $355 million to support DHS’ National Cybersecurity Division and its role in the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative.

Intell agencies to link databases

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence plans to merge the e-mail systems of 16 intelligence agenices and link the agencies' databases.