City uses high-tech bracelets to find missing seniors, children

An Ohio police department supplies wrist bracelets that can track missing elderly people and children.

The IT consolidation challenge: Meeting agency expectations

A panel of IT execs at a NASCIO conference says the challenges include determining how much agencies spend on IT and then meeting their expectations of service.

Can 'Xeroxing' be trademarked if there's no other word for it?

Xerox has launched many a campaign to try to people away from using its name generically to mean photocopying. But people will call things what they want, as an Ohio court case shows.

Cleveland airport employees learn on the fly with SaaS system

The department responsible for running Cleveland's airports is increasing worker efficiency with a performance and learning management software system.

Fusion centers carry on, as DHS looks to measure their value

As the federal government struggles to measure the contributions of state fusion centers, the centers continue to spread with the recent opening of a new center in Ohio and another being set up in Nebraska.