Operating Systems

Software in some FDA laptops tracks employees’ activities

Reportedly concerned about unauthorized disclosures, FDA officials installed monitoring software on some scientists’ laptops. The scientists say the action is in retaliation for blowing the whistle.

Android, Mac malware on rise, and beware mom-and-pop websites

PCs are still the biggest target for cyber criminals, and legitimate but small-time, seldom-updated websites are becoming a common vector, McAfee’s threat report says.

New Red Hat Linux 5 version meets federal security standards

A new security certification allows federal agencies to use Red Hat's Enterprise Linux 5 with the KVM hypervisor on IBM systems for a variety of command and control and secure operations.

Targeted attacks exploiting Flash flaw; Adobe issues fix

Current exploit in the wild targets IE for Windows, but Mac, Linux and Android also vulnerable.

1 in 5 Macs infected with (Windows) malware, study finds

The malware won't cause damage unless you're running Windows, but Sophos' study also found malware written for Mac OS X.

Windows 8's new look makes sense, if you can take the shock

The tablet- and touch screen-friendly interface in the Consumer Preview might be familiar to Windows Phone users, but for everyone else, you're not in Kansas anymore.

New malware targeting Mac OS X a 'wake-up call' for Apple users

The recently discovered SabPub and LuckyCat exploit Word vulnerabilities and are a sign Mac users need to get wise about patching, security experts say.

Flashback infections of Apple's OS X prove no one is safe

It has taken months, but fixes for the most prolific malware to hit the Apple OS have arrived, and the infection rate for Flashback is dropping.

Microsoft's Azure cloud service goes dark

Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud platform is still in the process of recovering after a lengthy outage that affected multiple countries took it offline Feb. 29. Was Leap Day 2012 the culprit?

Will patent ruling in Microsoft's favor spell the end for Android?

A court's "initial determination" on patent misuse against Barnes & Noble could further Microsoft's campaign against the Android operating system and, ultimately, Google, if it sticks.

Not everyone can play in Apple's sandbox

Software developers could have a more difficult time getting approval for mobile apps because of new restrictions announced by Apple.

Kinect for Windows, free software kit to drop Feb. 1

Along with the retail version of Kinect for Windows arriving Feb. 1 (for $249), a free commercial software development kit will also be available for download.

IT pros get gift of 14 fixes in December Patch Tuesday update

Microsoft's Dec. 13 security bulletin will include three "critical" and 11 "important" items just in time to get IT professionals saying bah, humbug.

Zero-day Adobe vulnerability targeted defense contractor

The hole in Adobe Reader on Windows, which could lead to attackers hijacking a system, was reported by Lockheed Martin and the Defense Security Information Exchange.

Why Androids are less secure than iPhones

It's not the phones, it's the apps: Android's popularity and lax security controls make it the most popular target for malware, according to McAfee Labs.

Is your agency ready for server virtualization?

Server virtualization is the division of a server's memory or processor capacity into separate and isolated "virtual machines," simulating multiple machines within one physical box. So where is your agency with the process?

Tools could put iPhones, Androids on government networks

Two-factor authentication and an environment for developing secure mobile apps could open the door for iPhones, iPads and Android devices, Good Technology and ActivIdentity say.