Better government through telework: Agencies count the advantages

Teleworking is moving beyond just letting agency employees work from home; it's becoming a key element in continuity-of-operations planning, efforts to reduce pollution, and plans to save billions on unneeded real estate.

Who gets hit when the government shuts down?

More than 800,000 federal employees will be affected when funding for the government expires April 8.

OPM not doing enough to protect privacy on background checks, GAO says

The Office of Personnel Management handles about 2 million background checks a year, but it needs to do more to ensure that privacy is protected, GAO says.

More feds will telework under new law

Teleworkers of the world rejoice! House lawmakers have passed a bill to expand the number of federal employees eligible to telework.

No pulse, no pay: How the 'Do Not Pay' list will work

Vice President Joe Biden announced today that a governmentwide Do Not Pay List is being created to track debarred contractors, deceased individuals and others ineligible for federal payments.

Telework directive for Nuclear Security Summit signals changing times

OPM director John Berry issued a memo April 7th urging federal employees who can work at home or an alternative site to do so

Government to close again Thursday


D.C. snow day could be telework learning experience

The unexpected closure of federal offices in Washington D.C. today could be a day for learning the ins and outs of successful teleworking, suggests the director of a teleworking group.

DOD, OPM conclude Defense personnel system needs overhaul

The National Security Personnel System should be rebuilt because of systemic problems, a task force finds.