Fed employees cry foul on coming pay freeze

The Senate has approved a continuing resolution to fund the government through March 4 that includes a two-year pay freeze for all civilian federal employees.

Federal pay raise challenged, but union head defends it

Colleen Kelley, president of a federal employee union, argues that federal salaries are not excessive.

Group wants $47B slashed from federal salaries

The saga of the “overpaid fed” took a new turn with a conservative think tank’s report suggesting that federal pay could be cut by $47 billion next year.

No pulse, no pay: How the 'Do Not Pay' list will work

Vice President Joe Biden announced today that a governmentwide Do Not Pay List is being created to track debarred contractors, deceased individuals and others ineligible for federal payments.

Report: Systems engineer is best IT job

San Francisco-based research and analysis group, Focus, has named systems engineer as the "best job in America."

NSPS: An improvement or just another good ol' boy network?

When Defense Business Board recommended an overhaul of the Defense Department’s controversial National Security Personnel System, federal employee unions were quick to call the measure insufficient. GCN readers, particularly those who work within the system, were not far behind with their own opinions.

Unions critical of decision to overhaul DOD personnel system

Federal employee unions have sharply criticized the recommendation of the Defense Business Board to overhaul, and not abandon, Defense Department’s controversial National Security Personnel System.

DOD, OPM conclude Defense personnel system needs overhaul

The National Security Personnel System should be rebuilt because of systemic problems, a task force finds.

IT salaries on the rise

A survey by TechRepublic found that salaries for IT professionals increased in the past year, and bonuses were significant for those who earned them.