NIST outlines guidance for security of copiers, scanners

The guidance covers protecting information processed, stored or transmitted on replication devices, which are those that copy, print or scan documents, images or objects.

EtherWatch invisibly protects industrial control systems

The military-grade cybersecurity appliance eliminates risks associated with operating industrial control systems over networks.

10 ways to address KVM switch vulnerabilities

Best practices are emerging that allow government security pros to address desktop security through secure KVM switch solutions.

New pen technologies a natural fit for government

The new generation of digital pens can do much more than draw lines on tablets, thanks to advances not only in pen technologies but also in biometrics and handwriting recognition.

Calculator helps evaluate the cost of going rugged

An online calculator will help IT managers determine whether it is financially beneficial to replace consumer devices with rugged tablets.

USB tool supports vital telework operations

OPM report says telework is no longer just a convenience for workers but a required tool for agencies in era of tight budgets and continuous operations.

Secure, compact PC stack arranges to meet government needs

The multi-client Stratus includes three PCs and a remote controlled KVM to deliver security and convenience to government users who need to operate multiple PCs.

Brother bridges gap between portable and workgroup scanners

Brother International's ImageCenter ADS-1500W scanner offers a 20-page document feeder, wireless connectivity, the ability to quickly scan to the cloud and a compact form factor.

Secure KVM switch a good fit for government

Belkin's DisplayPort Secure KVM locks down sound and video channels, ensuring that no data can cross networks.

Epson's new projectors made for education, training

The PowerLite models have advanced connectivity, and range of networking options, and some allow for in-class collaboration.

Brother adds wireless document transfer to portable scanners

Brother's DS-920DW scanner lets users can digitize forms, photos or invoices and transfer them via Wi-Fi to computers and mobile devices.

NEC monitor delivers accurate color, 508-compliance tools

The 24-inch PA242W monitor is a good value for government designers and content creators who need color accuracy and 508-compliant output.

StarTech turns USB 3.0 ports into gigabit Ethernet

New adapters support gigabit Ethernet connections for any device with USB 3.0, including ultrabooks and ultra-thin laptops.

Tales of rugged tech survival could win new gear

The Tech vs. Wild contest is looking for true stories of rugged computing devices that survived the worst of times.

LynuxWorks rootkit detector adds hardware punch to security scanning

LynuxWorks' system, called RDS5201, is an appliance capable of detecting low-level, zero-day rootkits in real time.

Biometric ID coming to a government office near you

This week's Biometric Consortium Conference showcases a wide range of hardware and software solutions for personal identification/authentication applications in government.

Plustek's new SmartOffice scanner can handle the load

The company's new model can scan 80 ppm, handle mixed types of documents and render them in a variety of formats.