Virginia, Microsoft set up electronic health care registry

Electronic health record system would enable residents to store advanced health directives on Microsoft's HealthVault personal health record platform.

State Dept., Coast Guard to lash health record systems together

The State Department and Coast Guard will set up an interagency disaster recovery network through which State health care providers can access records of Defense and Veterans Affairs departments' personnel under their care.

Big data = smaller government

Government's increasing use of analytics software could help pull the nation out the current economic stall and make government programs smaller, smarter and cheaper.

Tricare delivers personal health records with click of a button

Once a beneficiary logs onto Tricare Online, accessing medical records is as simple as clicking on the Blue Button to view medication lists, allergies and lab results.

Tricare's high-tech button

The Blue Button was added in a major update to Tricare Online, the Defense Department's online gateway to military health care services, and now offers myriad benefits from accessing medications to scheduling doctor visits. Top 25 percent in global viewership's update has bumped the site into the top 25 percent of worldwide websites, but there are more changes to come.

The one constant element of agency IT projects

Creating a tag cloud from the GCN Awards' winning nominations reveals the one thing that, no matter the project, is on everyone's mind.

Memo to health IT planners: no need to reinvent standards

Columnist Mike Daconta helps clarify the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology's recommendation for a universal exchange language for health care information and explains why it is more than feasible today.

VA CIO surveys his department's IT hits and misses

The Veterans Affairs Department's IT consolidation has paved the way for the organization's technology initiatives, says VA CIO Roger Baker.

Why electronic birth-to-death file is inevitable for SSA

An advisory panel to the Social Security Administration strongly recommends expanding the agency's electronic transactions.

DOD brainstorms new digital health record system

The Defense Department is preparing for the next-generation Electronic Health Record Way Ahead project with a study of alternatives that will be discussed this month.

DOD unhappy with electronic records upgrade

The Defense Department should learn from the problems with its AHLTA medical records system before buying a new system, GAO says.

Baker: VA making progress on lifetime electronic record system

Veterans Affairs Department CIO Roger Baker said the VA is moving on the VLER project and expects a decision by year's end on the VistA modernization project.

Is open source the cure for what ails VA's e-records?

An industry group convened by VA CIO Roger Baker is advising that VistA move to an open source platform and phase out MUMPS.

HHS publishes online list of patient data breaches

The Health and Human Services Department has started publishing an online list of data thefts and breaches that affect the health data of more than 500 patients.

DOD/VA Health records project yielding important lessons

The joint health data exchange pilot project between the Defense and the Veterans Affairs departments is still in its early phases, but already has taught valuable lessons about interoperability, government officials working on the project say.

NIST creating tools to test health IT products

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is taking on an IT product testing role related to the distribution of $17 billion in economic stimulus funds for health IT.