Police Video

Tennessee town rolls out license plate recognition system

Since the system went live April 1, it has contributed to more than 30 interceptions and arrests of suspects in crimes such as car, license plate and trailer thefts and even the recovery of a runaway.

Security researcher finds unencrypted video on bodycam from Fort Huachuca

A security researcher who bought a used body camera on eBay was able to extract audio and video of Fort Huachuca military police officers at work.

Police ties to Ring home surveillance come under scrutiny

Many law enforcement agencies have been launching voluntary doorbell camera registries so they can call on homeowners' videos to expedite investigations.

High-tech surveillance amplifies police bias and overreach

The debates about reimagining existing law enforcement practices must include a discussion about police surveillance because technology cannot address the deeper issues of race, power and privacy that lie at the heart of modern-day policing.

IBM bows out of facial recognition market

The company announced that it will no longer sell general-purpose facial recognition or analysis software.

Body cameras may not be the easy answer everyone was looking for

Although both officers and the public generally support body-worn cameras, the impacts may have been overestimated, according to recent studies.

Getting a handle on surveillance video

As video surveillance booms, government organizations must ensure their storage platform can manage the massive amount of data and support analytics tools.

How AI technology helps police protect citizens’ identities

Redaction solutions powered by artificial intelligence can identify blur items of interest within the video, from license plates to human faces in minutes.

ICE seeks robust video evidence management

Immigration and Customs Enforcement wants an enterprise-level system that offers improved video distribution, advanced analytics and easy content management and metadata tagging.

How hackers can compromise police bodycams

Security holes could give hackers a way to access and modify camera footage and track the location of officers wearing the devices.

Body cams get tryout at borders

The goal is to determine how the fixed, vehicle-mounted and body-worn cameras can help CBP support officer safety, document incidents and enhance transparency.

Minneapolis puts new video platform to work for Super Bowl policing

FieldWatch will allow commanders to view video streamed from officers in the field and coordinate resources.

Baltimore gets $5M grant for crime-fighting tech

The grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies will bolster Baltimore’s Citiwatch video surveillance program, expand license plate readers and increase the number of gunshot detectors.

GAO: CBP needs reliable metrics on border tech

Better tracking of performance of its surveillance technologies would help Customs and Border Protection quantify the impact these systems have on its mission, GAO says.

The hidden challenge behind body cams -- storage

An open source, software-defined storage solution helped a small town manage its body-worn camera and surveillance data.

A free lunch for police seeking body-cam solutions?

Taser International rebrands and moves to corner the body-worn camera market. But the cost considerations for local departments don't go away.

The changing body-cam conversations

As communities get more experience with body-worn cameras, policies and focus are evolving, the Urban Institute finds.