'Innovation lab' puts Air Force brain power on DOD-wide issues

The Air Force Technical Applications Center created an innovation lab dedicated to developing technologies at a lower cost to reduce operations maintenance and overhead.

Army preps on-the-spot 3D printing process for the battlefield

The Army Research Lab and Purdue University develop a process that would let soldiers repair damaged parts on aircraft and ground vehicles on the spot.

Print2Cloud247 offers secure mobile printing on any printer

The company's Universal Cloud Release Station, on display at FOSE, can be tied to a PIV of CAC card.

Printer analyzer can keep energy phantoms at bay

Verdiem's Print & Power Analyzer crunches the data on printer use and helps agencies save on costs.

Label printers can keep a server room from getting out of control

Epson America's portable label makers can help organize everything from office files to cluttered cables.

Some Samsung, Dell printers vulnerable to remote attackers

Certain Samsung and Dell printers made by Samsung have a firmware flaw that could let hackers access to sensitive information on the devices, the U.S. Computer Emergency Response Team reported.

Back in the real 2D world, agencies still need printers

HP releases a couple of workhorses that would be right for small to mid-size public-sector offices, for those times when you’re not printing an airplane.

3D printing grows up, can now arm itself

As the administration funds research into the technology, one hobbyist shows he can print a working semi-automatic rifle.

Mobile lab 3D-prints gear as needed in Afghanistan

The Army's new expeditionary lab develops and produces prototypes and other equipment on the spot.

Will money be printed at 100,000 dpi?

Researchers have found the point at which printing meets reality. What could government do with it?

Students 3D print a boat from milk jugs -- are jetliners next?

If a student team can build a homemade 3D printer that can produce a boat, the administration's $60 million foray into advanced manufacturing technology could hold promise.

ColorQube proves you can't judge green by power use alone

The Xerox ColorQube 8900X printer has great graphical capabilities, is an environmentally friendly office companion, and can anticipate your print times.

Do agencies have a place for open-source hardware?

Open-source electronics components are emerging from university laboratories and entering the public arena.

USDA looks to cut costs with managed print service

The Agriculture Department has awarded Lexmark a $50 million, five-year deal for a mix of software tools, services, custom solutions and strategies to improve print efficiency.

Could hackers steal info, start a fire using your printer?

Columbia University researchers say they've discovered a flaw in certain Hewlett-Packard printers that would let hackers take control of the devices, launch an attack or cause the printers to overheat.

The 11 best products of 2011

The GCN Lab picks the top 10 IT products of the year, plus one overall winner.

Want a paperless office? Let people work remotely.

The push toward mobile technologies and teleworking won't eliminate office printing, but it could help reduce it at last.