To survive tight budgets, states must collaborate, new NASCIO president says

Oregon CIO Dugan Petty says collaboration should extend to federal and city agencies. His other priorities: cloud computing and IT acquisition reform.

Some tough questions you need to ask your cloud provider

When moving to the cloud, plan, plan and plan. And ask your vendor the right questions, says CBP's Wolf Tombe.

DOD stuck in IT 'Stone Age,' top Pentagon official says

The Defense Department must keep up with technology to compete on the battlefield, even amid budgetary uncertainty, said Gen. James Cartwright, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at the FOSE conference in Washington.

Nuclear agency takes fast track to new supercomputing capacity

The National Nuclear Security Administration is pioneering a strategy for quickly acquiring as much as 3 petaflops of computing capacity to support the operational processing needed to keep its high-performance supercomputers busy.

Kundra's departure could put federal IT projects at risk

Vivek Kundra has been a forceful leader for change in federal IT. What will happen to the efforts now underway when he leaves the federal CIO post in August?

GSA starts up the move toward electric cars

Administration puts 116 on the street; about a million more are expected by 2015.

San Diego will increase data sharing for employees

San Diego County has contracted with Hewlett-Packard to make county employees more mobile and improve citizen-centric services as part of the county's e-government and green IT initiatives.

New frontiers for the cloud: Dealing with outdated contract models

Agency managers moving e-mail systems to the cloud must think through new legal risks and obligations as they negotiate service deals with cloud providers.

Why software licensing could become more affordable, easier to understand

Software licensing and pricing could become more customer friendly if some trends take hold, according to an April Forrester Research report.

After the spending bill: What now?

What will happen to the new insourcing policies, proposed federal pay freeze and agency IT budgets, now that the Senate omnibus funding bill has been withdrawn?

Agile development efforts at 2 agencies running hot and cold

The government's early agile efforts are well intentioned but miss the mark, reviewers say.

OMB to push for big changes in IT management

The federal government is doing a major rehab on how it oversees and manages the $70 billion in annual IT spending.

The quest for 'technical excellence' in intelligence gathering

Going back to basics on engineering, pushing for more innovation are two key approaches to new-school military IT, two DOD officials say.

CIOs need more budget power, VA's Baker urges

VA CIO Roger Baker says if CIOs had more budget power, IT management would improve.

Army to match processes to budget reality, says top official

The Army will revise its developmental model and make other adjustments to successfully counter adversaries around the globe and adjust to changing fiscal circumstances at home, Army Secretary John M. McHugh said today at the opening session of the AUSA conference and symposium in Washington, D.C.

DOD cuts will slow overall fed IT spending growth

Federal spending on IT will increase slightly in the next five years. Who can expect to see their budgets grow and who faces cuts, according to new TechAmerica Foundation Vision survey forecasts.

SSA's tracking of computer buys is a mess, IG says in report

It's not possible to know if the Social Security Administration overpaid or underpaid for some computers because the recordkeeping is so poor, according to a new report.