According to Filtalert Corp. of Charlottesville, Va., maker of the PuraPC filtration system, dust is the leading cause of computer failure over time.

Yahoo Konfabulator

Even though it is called a 'desktop,' the backdrop display on your PC certainly doesn't have very many of the handy tools usually found on top of your actual desk.

Brother QL-500 Printer

The QL-500 printer from Brother International Corp. of Bridgewater, N.J. fills a niche in the printing environment.

Itronix goes semi-rugged with notebook line

Rugged notebook vendor comes out with new line for less austere environments. A Hummer-branded version is also in the offing.

Double-digit PCs may vanquish the digital divide

Much of the discussion in the last decade about the 'global digital divide' between the technology haves and have-nots has focused on ways to subsidize the cost of PCs for those in developing countries.

The lowdown on security appliance

<b>What is it?</b> A security appliance is simply a dedicated hardware device that runs security software, improving performance and reducing the processing load on servers.

Who's Who in In-building Wireless

IT analyst firm Gartner Inc. of Stamford, Conn., predicts the market for in-building wireless systems will hit $1 billion in 2010, doubling from $500 million in annual sales today.

More Promising Practices in Wireless

GCN editors received more than 50 submissions from federal, state and local agencies describing their various wireless projects.

GCN INSIDER: BlackBerry meets VOIP; Mobile power to the people

Frustrated when your cellular phone call drops off as you enter the bowels of a government building?

Is thin really in?

Thin-client computers'systems that don't hold any applications or data but run them off a central server'have been kicking around for a long time.

The lowdown on tablet PCs

<b>What is it?</b> A tablet PC pairs an electromagnetic pen or stylus with a touch-sensitive screen for controlling user input.

New Itronix tablet goes to extremes

When a fire drill at GCN headquarters recently interrupted a meeting with Itronix Corp. officials, makers of rugged portables, the group, armed with a pair of the Spokane, Wash., company's new Duo-Touch Tablets, adjourned to a nearby park plaza to go over the features of the next-generation tablet line.

DVD+R with VideoGard

Have you ever lost an important movie on DVD because of a simple scratch?

Canary Wireless Digital Hotspotter

Back in the old days, miners used to send canaries into mineshafts to test the quality of the air before going down.

DeviceWorks Cable Manager

When I look behind my desk, I get hungry for Italian food.

FrogPad Ion PC USB Mobile Keyboard

According to the user's manual, the FrogPad has 'broken the QWERTY code.'

Canon PowerShot SD300

Every executive should have a small, sleek, high-performance, digital point-and-shoot camera.