public safety

Real-time tracking now available for some city school buses

New York City’s efforts to modernize school transportation have been dogged by delays — like its buses — but this new effort will allow parents and schools to monitor them.

How the FCC shields cellphone companies from safety concerns

When a small Massachusetts town complained about the negative effects of cell phone towers on residents' health, it faced fierce opposition -- not just from industry, but from the Federal Communications Commission.

FCC proposes to strengthen cybersecurity of emergency alert systems

Emergency alert system participants would be required to disclose cyber breaches within 72 hours of discovery.

E-tongue tastes water for contaminants

Researchers from the University of Massachusetts Lowell are piloting a handheld, cloud-connected electrochemical sensor that quickly tests tap water for contaminants.

City’s custom-built app scores homeless encampment safety

With the Homeless Emergency Management Tracking and Prioritization Tool, Austin gets consistent health, safety and impact data on encampments citywide to support cross-departmental intervention.

After Uvalde, states look to new digital maps to keep schools safe

States such as Virginia are stepping up efforts to provide emergency responders with up-to-date digital maps of their school buildings for improved crisis prevention.

Public safety cybersecurity slowly ramps up

Technical debt is actually hampering cyber investment, increasing vulnerabilities and limiting interoperability, an IDC analyst says.

One city's proposed e-scooter ultimatum: No sidewalks or no scooting

The new plan under consideration in San Francisco would require all of the transportation devices to have anti-sidewalk technology or to stop operation.

Private LTE fills coverage gaps for communication emergencies

The Colorado Department of Transportation is testing a “network in a box” that would allow first responders and CDOT employees to communicate in remote areas or where the fiber infrastructure has been damaged.

State pulls in $9M to improve public safety, justice IT systems

The funds will help West Virginia modernize IT systems and improve back-end services that will help protect the public.

Cloud-based 911 for faster emergency response

With its interactive emergency communication response platform and access to a location data clearinghouse, the Rio Grande Council of Governments can speed help to 911 callers, even if they don’t know where they are.

Mobile app aims to reduce work zone-related crashes

Florida is testing the Lane Closure Notification System, which allows highway workers to send notices of traffic changes to navigation services like Waze.

5G’s first applications likely intelligent transportation, public safety

Brandon Branham, assistant city manager and chief technology officer of Peachtree Corners, said 5G opens the door for low-latency use cases.

Outdated technologies a risk for modern public safety

Public safety agencies that deal with complex missions and regional partners need up-to-date technology to effectively defend against cyber threats and streamline operations.

Increasing severity of natural disasters underscores need for technology and preparation

As agencies prep for disaster response, resilient communications and hands-on training with technology and processes are key.

Officers’ smart cards foster transparency, community trust

Police in Alpharetta, Georgia, are testing smart cards that citizens can scan with their mobile devices to access officer-specific contact and case information.

State and local leaders call for overhaul of nation’s 911 system

A group that includes mayors, police chiefs and state officials want to rethink who should respond to calls for help.