quantum computing

States enter the quantum race

Chattanooga is leveraging its high-speed fiber for the first commercial quantum network, while Maryland builds a quantum ecosystem.

White House launches post-quantum cryptography migration

New guidance from the Office of Management and Budget outlined the initial steps for migrating high-risk systems to quantum-resistant algorithms.

Nobel-winning quantum weirdness undergirds an emerging high-tech industry, promising better ways of encrypting communications and imaging your body

The quantum entanglement phenomenon could lead to advancements in quantum communication networks and improve medical imaging or GPS positioning.

State takes quantum tech from theory to business

To speed the commercialization of quantum technologies, Massachusetts is investing in research facilities and workforce training.

NSA releases post-quantum algorithms, aims for full implementation by 2035

The National Security Agency worked in conjunction with NIST to prepare stakeholders for upcoming quantum cryptographic requirements. 

CISA warns critical infrastructure to prepare for mass post-quantum systems migration

Quantum computing is the latest frontier in technological innovation, and its hacking potential has regulators advising organizations to begin to safeguard their networks. 

New quantum hardware could allow computers to process information more naturally

Current quantum computers are stuck using binary processes designed for traditional computers.

Understanding NIST’s post-quantum encryption standardization and next steps for CISOs

The National Institute of Standards and Technology recently chose new cryptographic algorithms to defend against quantum computers.

NIST selects 12 companies for implementing post-quantum cryptography  

Officials leading a standardization effort—based on four winning algorithms—are relying heavily on industry for success.

NIST identifies 4 quantum-resistant encryption algorithms

Federal researchers are one step closer to protecting U.S. data from quantum computing decryption capabilities.

New Mexico positions itself as a quantum computing hub

The Quantum New Mexico Coalition brings together two national labs and more than 30 colleges, businesses and nonprofit organizations to build the business and workforce infrastructure for a quantum computing economy.

Preparing for the quantum revolution

The emerging computing technology offers the potential for significant advancements, but also carries the possibility of never-before-seen threats.

The next big quantum leap may require better software

The raw power of increasingly advanced quantum computers could necessitate advances in software to make sense of the noise.