Records Management

IG: NARA e-records archive missing vital Google-like search capability

As the National Archives' electronic archives moves into operational mode in October, its lack of a full text-based search option could frustrate users. But can it be fixed?

CDC tracking system streamlines vaccine supply chain

CDC's Vaccine Tracking System will integrate all the pieces of the vaccine supply chain, from the purchase of vaccine from manufacturers to the final distribution of the vaccine to health providers.

Have you delved into your data lately?

Instead of just reporting on public-sector data, shops should be exploring it. This is particularly true in government, where very large data sets can benefit from cutting-edge visual data exploration technologies.

NASA launches contest for apps to mine its databases

NASA has launched a contest for clever programmers to come up with new tools to help mine the extensive planetary information collected in the agency's databases.

DOD need for info-sharing speed backfired with WikiLeaks

Senators warn about reverting to the pre-9/11 days of hoarding information, and say instead that agencies need to balance security concerns with needs.

NARA's digital archive failing on promise to preserve and protect

Guest columnist Frank A. McDonough offers three examples of electronic archives that outshine NARA's troubled effort to preserve government records.

NOAA rescues Civil War-era coastal charts, now available online

Rescue project makes historical collection of U.S. coastal charts available online in searchable NOAA database.

Geospatial data management refined

The OMB has issued supplemental guidance to improve the management of geospatial data

GSA employee's error exposes entire staff to potential identity theft

A GSA employee's error has exposed the Social Security numbers of everyone in the agency.

National Archives puts 3,000 historic documents online

The National Archives and Records Administration debuts an online repository of historic documents, such as George Washington's handwritten draft of the U.S. Constitution.

Microsoft tells Virginia, 'We will build it'

Virginia has enticed Microsoft Corp. to invest up to $499 million to locate its latest-generation data center in Mecklenburg County, Va.

Global Graphics software fuses documents

Global Graphics’ gDoc Fusion 2.5 lets users combine spreadsheets, text, images and PDFs into a single document.

Justice Department plans to expand cops' access to data

The Justice Department plans a nationwide federated identity management program for law enforcement data systems.

Can agency systems handle new FISMA requirements?

New standards for reporting under the Federal Information Security Management Act are intended to further reduce paper, but not all agencies are well equipped to meet them.

Guidelines take stab at guarding personal information

New NIST guidelines describe what constitutes personally identifiable information and how it should be protected.

Information handcuffs: Counterterrorism IT needs support from the top, Congress told

Intelligence agencies face policy and privacy questions as they look to harness IT to fix problems identified after the failed Christmas Day bombing attempt.

Updated crypto standards will have an impact on security products

With new standards in the works for a Secure Hashing Algorithm and cryptographic modules, vendors of security products will have a new set of requirements they will have to meet to sell to government agencies. Some are already planning for the changes.