Records or Documents Management

GPO expands its e-books to the Nook reader

Making its publications available for the Barnes & Noble e-reader adds to Government Printing Office's small but growing catalog of electronic books.

California loses personal info for 700,000...on microfiche

The records, including Social Security numbers and state ID numbers for home care workers and recipients, were lost or stolen while in the mail.

April is a cruel month for medical records breaches

Disks containing 315,000 patient records have gone missing from Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, the second major U.S. medical information breach in as many weeks.

FOSE 2012 serves up 5 courses of hot tech

FOSE offers five conferences in one: program slices on cloud computing, cybersecurity, mobile computing, defense innovation and records management.

Microsoft donates image-matching tools to fight child porn trafficking

Microsoft will provide law enforcement agencies free image-matching tools to track and locate child porn traffickers.

VA sets three-pronged approach to improving services

VA is continuing to modernize its IT infrastructure to provide improved customer service in the form of electronic health records, telemedicine and online apps.

Wolfram Alpha Pro runs rings around today's search engines

More concierge than search engine, Wolfram Alpha Pro will analyze a query, perform high-end math calculations and even analyze images.

Good metadata means good government

Understanding how to design the right metadata is the key to helping users (and citizens) get the most value from data on your organization's products and services.

IRENE: Key to unlocking mute recordings

Scientists from the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and the Library of Congress are collaborating on using digital images to reproduce sound.

GPO 2012 funding reflects shift to electronic publishing

Appropriations for the remainder of the fiscal year are down to $126 million, about 70 percent of which is for preparing for digital access and printing.

Secure Flight's off-the-shelf recipe

TSA credits the ability to keep Secure Flight's overall costs down and ahead of schedule with the use of commercial off-the-shelf software.

TSA's Secure Flight curbed risk, calmed travelers

The Transportation Security Administration took over the program to create an airline passenger watchlist and created a system with ultra-high availability, no single points of failure and trusted privacy protections.

Tricare delivers personal health records with click of a button

Once a beneficiary logs onto Tricare Online, accessing medical records is as simple as clicking on the Blue Button to view medication lists, allergies and lab results.

Tricare's high-tech button

The Blue Button was added in a major update to Tricare Online, the Defense Department's online gateway to military health care services, and now offers myriad benefits from accessing medications to scheduling doctor visits.

How do you test for peak tax filing performance?

In testing e-File, the IRS' biggest challenge was to create a test comparable to peak tax season performance.

E-file system makes life less taxing for IRS -- and citizens

The IRS' Modernized e-File system consolidates business e-returns and individual electronic filings from tax preparation services into a single system, saving an estimated $128.1 million in processing as well as an additional $35.7 million in paper storage costs.

CDC tracking system streamlines vaccine supply chain

CDC's Vaccine Tracking System will integrate all the pieces of the vaccine supply chain, from the purchase of vaccine from manufacturers to the final distribution of the vaccine to health providers.