Research and Development

US needs improved regulation to foster drone R&D

As first responders become more reliant on UAS for tasks such as delivering medical supplies and inspecting infrastructure, ongoing regulation and R&D challenges hinder the widespread use of the technology.

White House wants input on crypto tech R&D agenda

The feedback will inform priorities for developing digital asset technologies, including potential for a central bank digital currency.

E-tongue tastes water for contaminants

Researchers from the University of Massachusetts Lowell are piloting a handheld, cloud-connected electrochemical sensor that quickly tests tap water for contaminants.

The best way to protect personal biomedical data from hackers could be to treat the problem like a game

By accounting for the value of the shared data, the game-based approach finds strategies that strike the right balance between utility and privacy.

DARPA's next big thing is … analog computing?

The key to mining those huge data sets collected from sensors and camera systems is to leave digital computing behind, the agency says.

TSA mulls use of 'courteous' avatars to speed airport check-ins

The agency is exploring a new way of handling large numbers of air travelers possibly through hologram imaging. tops 200 competitions in two years

More than 16,000 citizen "solvers" have taken part as the project reaches challenge No. 201.

FBI mulls how to build database of tattoos

The FBI asks experts for suggestions in how to add tattoos to its databases of fingerprints, DNA, voice signatures and iris scans.

In European plan, cars in a crash would auto-dial for help

The European Parliament wants all new cars be to equipped with sensors that will automatically notify rescue services in the event of a crash.

Closing big-data R&D gaps

The federal government's big-data initiative fills key research and development gaps where industry fears to tread.

Neutrinos carry text message through solid rock

Whether neutrinos are faster than light is still up in the air, but researchers find they can take communications through stone.

Two states climb aboard new, 100-gigabit fast train

Indiana and Ohio have announced links from academic research networks to the high-speed prototype network being built out by Internet2 with the Energy Department.

Air Force aims to unify robot aircraft controls

The Air Force is doing more with less by developing control and sensor systems that work across many platforms and reduce the number of unmanned aircraft systems and controllers needed for operations.

Cybersecurity research gets boost in 2013 budget request

Cybersecurity is identified as a priority for basic research in the president's budget request for fiscal 2013, with large investments proposed for DOD, DHS and NSF.

Budget reflects shift in scientific R&D, education

Funding requests for scientific research and development, including clean energy, bio and nano research and education, would increase under the president's 2013 budget proposal.

Unleash the data scientists: How government can use big data

Government agencies would do well to invest in the new breed of data scientists, trained to bring a statistical, technological and business mindset to the use of big data.

Georgia Tech team builds snakebots that slither -- and rescue

Scientists at Georgia Tech are looking closely at how snakes move in order to make robots capable of slithering into nooks and crannies.