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RFP checklist | Biometric security

Here are the questions you should consider before committing resources to a particular biometric solution.

The basics of biometrics

Biometrics can improve security and, if done right, even make life easier for users. But you have to choose carefully when deciding on a technology for your agency.

Sounding the alarm

Emergency alert systems can work across communications platforms and geographic distances to get word to the right people at the right time.

The logic behind physical-access controls

New access-control systems take into account the increasing importance of combining physical and logical security.

Secures what ails you

Unified threat management products can put a lot of your security tools into one, easy-to-manage package.

ITAM Solutions

Selecting the best ITAM solution for your organization requires a close look at your infrastructure, reporting needs and integration requirements.

Sum of the parts

Asset management tools help you make the most of what you have ' and deliver compliance reports, too.

RFP Checklist'PKI solutions

Here are some questions you'll want to answer before investing in a public-key infrastructure solution.

PKI Products

A listing of vendors and their PKI offerings.

The PKI payoff

Once you get past the difficult early stages, the technology delivers a lot of benefits.

Tape confessions

The fastest tape libraries don't use tape at all, but rely on disks.

RFP Checklist

Selecting the best wireless messaging solution for your organization requires a close look at your existing infrastructure and consideration of future needs.

Ground control

Users are getting hooked on checking e-mail on their mobile devices. Here's how to support the service.

Secure printing

These tools can help secure confidential documents sent to a workgroup printer.

Talking virtual reality

High definition tools, desktop software take conferencing by storm.

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No longer the 'next big thing' of the late 1990s, Web portals are back.