Firewall for secure networks inspects SSL-encrypted data

The Dell SuperMassive 9200 roots out malicious programs -- even when half the traffic is SSL-encrypted.

One-click backup and recovery gives small city flexibility as data grows

After reaching capacity with existing system, Mt. Dora, Fla., turned to an automated appliance that can recover data with a few clicks.

Fighting malware with hardware can produce better security

Rather than trying to keep up with and get ahead of malicious software, hardware security can help ensure that devices are safe and remain uninfected, says Imation's Larry Hamid.

Could Apple desktops, servers find their way into government?

With agencies adopting iPhones and iPads, the company's OS X desktops and Mac Minis are getting a fresh look.

Data center of the future: converged infrastructure

The move to this next-generation, automated data center is a multiyear endeavor that started with virtualization and the concept of unified computing.

Rugged server parachutes into military, first responder market

NCS Technologies announces its rugged, short-depth Bunker XRV-5241 server, which when packaged could be deployed via parachute.

Ubuntu 12.10: Windows 8 for the open-source crowd?

Canonical's latest desktop and server Linux versions add capabilities for the cloud, Internet and use on multiple types of devices.

Oil baths: A better way to keep computers cool?

Intel test finds dunking servers in mineral oil can cut power consumption.

Why the Big Three for servers aren't quite as big

Dell, HP and IBM are getting nipped at by smaller competitors and an emerging trend toward custom hardware.

Windows Server 2012 makes a push into the cloud

Microsoft's latest server OS is heavily integrated into the Azure cloud computing system.

'Private cloud' just a phase? IBM would like you to think so

The zEnterprise EC-12 adds power, capacity and other features that could appeal to government.

App breaks through the mobile compatibility wall

The Citrix Receiver app can keep agencies' mobile devices securely connected regardless of platforms.

BIOS' 'privileged position' makes it a target for sophisticated attacks

The Basic Input/Output System that boots a computer could be an attractive target for sophisticated exploits, and the complexity of servers creates specific challenges that NIST addresses in new security guidelines.

Illinois court beefs up service with thin clients

The Circuit Court of Cook County is improving operational efficiency and allowing staff and citizens easy online access to services and court files via thin client technology.

Got old hard drives? Turn them into cloud servers.

The $99 Cloud Hybrid from Akitio lets you repurpose any SATA hard drive for service over the Internet.

IRS saves millions with server virtualization, IG says

Successfully virtualizing some of its servers helped the Internal Revenue Service save $10.2 million in equipment costs over two years.

Madison County bridges security in a virtual world

In moving to a virtual data center, Madison County, Ind., found that security in a virtual world can be at least as good as in a physical environment.