Smart Cities

How Little Rock is harnessing data to become a smarter city

“My team and I, we’re focused on getting things done, but with a data-driven approach,” says the mayor of Arkansas’ capital.

Why smart cities are about more than just tech

“Diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility—that is a thread throughout, it is not an afterthought.”

5G’s first applications likely intelligent transportation, public safety

Brandon Branham, assistant city manager and chief technology officer of Peachtree Corners, said 5G opens the door for low-latency use cases.

NSF invests $26M for smart city engineering research

Researchers will integrate real-time, hyperlocal technologies into streetscapes to build safe, equitable and secure communities.

Smart edge infrastructure expands capacity, real-time data access

Using a fiber-connected infrastructure network solution creates a fully manageable low-latency, high-performance network for testing various mobility technologies on Peachtree Corners’ smart city streets.

Peachtree Corners pilots edge network

The latest on the city that's home to the Curiosity Lab, a 5G-enabled intelligent mobility and smart city living laboratory.

Is it really technology that makes a city smart?

When local governments narrow the scope of what is considered smart to only include those projects backed by technology, they fail to recognize how limiting that view really is.

Miami taps smart tech to verify commercial water use

The pilot program aims to identify meters that are not accurately tracking water use and help the county recover revenue lost to undercounting.

Smart cities awards names 17 winners

IDC Government Insights selected initiatives related to social services, transportation infrastructure and water management.

How smart is your city? NIST can help you find out.

With NIST's new metrics, cities can evaluate smart city projects that cross neighborhoods, infrastructures, populations, income levels and use a variety of currently deployed technologies.

Edge computing for integrated, responsive smart cities

Look for edge computing first in private 5G deployments where massive amounts of data need low-latency processing, experts say.

Las Vegas taps digital twin for sustainability

With a digital twin, the city can leverage street-level data collected through IoT sensors to model future energy use, emissions, mobility and emergency management.

White House elevates CX with executive order

A Biden administration executive order looks to use tech to simplify and reduce friction in citizen interactions with government programs and services.

Campus testbeds pilot smart city solutions to climate threats

Portland State University’s Digital City Testbed Center is exploring ways to raise the public’s awareness about environmental threats before deploying applications at scale.

Long Beach tests traffic lights that respond to real-time congestion

The California city will test whether artificial intelligence-driven connected vehicle technology can alleviate traffic congestion and improve air quality.

National Smart Coalitions Partnership unites regional efforts

The multistate partnership will encourage collaboration and the advancement of smart technology solutions across regions.

Las Vegas tests private network for smart city apps

Las Vegas will be partnering with Cox Communications to use a citizens' broadband radio service private network to test smart-city applications in a local park.