Integrated services? The cloud alone isn't enough.

Agencies will need to deploy cloud and service-oriented architectures together to achieve integrated services and greater information exchange across agencies and organizations, government and industry experts say.

Rapid app response: Marines to embed development teams with deployed units

The Marine Corps is fleshing out a service-oriented architecture approach to help provide its deployed forces with rapidly developed command-and-control applications.

State taps BI software to share criminal info, link other agencies

Oracle's platform helps Maryland create a single view of criminal justice data for federal, state and local crime fighters and extend business intelligence to other agencies, including the Education Department.

OMB launches 'Shared First' IT consolidation drive

In a draft proposal, federal agencies are asked to consolidate at least two agency systems under a shared services approach by December 2012.

In moving to cloud, NASCIO advises 'buyer beware'

A report by NASCIO advises states CIOs to pull legal, human capital, finance and data management expertise into their teams to grapple with policy complexities of cloud computing.

Study finds software 'termites' -- the hidden costs of careless coding

Government organizations are not budgeting for costs to fix hidden problems that remain in applications after they are running, according to a new report on software quality.

What to look for in a SOA app gateway

Forrester report, which evaluates nine SOA application gateway vendors, emphasizes attack protection and processing across multiple services.

Systemic tensions: 3 IT project zombies that just won't die

Three recurring conflicts born of well-meaning but often diametrically opposed IT forces keep haunting IT systems development.

With an IT overhaul, State beefed up the first line of border defense

Revamping its consular affairs systems gave the State Department the IT prowess to manage a surge of 2 million visa and passport requests a month.

E-file system makes life less taxing for IRS -- and citizens

The IRS' Modernized e-File system consolidates business e-returns and individual electronic filings from tax preparation services into a single system, saving an estimated $128.1 million in processing as well as an additional $35.7 million in paper storage costs.

GSA wins race to the e-mail cloud

The General Services Administration migrated its increasingly mobile 17,000 e-mail users from an aging and outdated system to the secure, cloud-based and collaborative Google Apps for Government platform.

At DHS, a 'true-cloud' is launched

Homeland Security Department CIO Richard Spires works to make progress on four key areas of IT.

A cloud guide even your mother-in-law could use

The "Practical Guide to Cloud Computing" aims to build standards based on users' perspectives.

NARA launches search and archiving system

The at times troubled Electronic Record Archives project reaches across databases, data types and formats.

Is a private cloud the smartest thing to do?

A private cloud might be a way for some "server huggers" to extend the status quo, but don’t let that obscure the greater value to government agencies.

DISA to roll-out platform for rapid app development

Platform-as-a-service offering will allow agencies to run apps without worrying about network infrastructure

To keep nimble, Census turns to CRM cloud

Cloud-based customer relationship management system gives Census 360-degree view of data gathered by the thousands of partners that help conduct the census.