Social Media

COVID-19 messages make emergency alerts just another text in the crowd on your home screen

When emergency alerts are hard to distinguish from text messages and when they announce the availability of vaccines rather than an impending tornado, are they still emergency alerts?

Protect your agency from security risks on social media

The consequences of a government-managed social media account falling into the wrong hands can have far-reaching impacts both for government and citizens.

How the census will reach the new urban millennials

With young urban renters unlikely to respond to nudges by mail, phone or strangers at the door, the Census Bureau is developing social media and other internet publicity that will encourage potential respondents to log in and fill out a form.

How do your agency communications stack up?

Measuring digital communications is the first step, but benchmarking is also critical

Finding social posts that matter in emergency situations

Researchers have developed a toolkit that pulls posts from a certain geographic region, filters them based on specific keywords, examines clusters of posts and flags trending or unusual topics.

Doing more with social media

Despite government's increasing use of social media, many employees who work with the technology say agencies can use it more effectively.

Using Twitter to predict wildfires' air quality impact

Social media can be an inexpensive complementary data source for evaluating the effects of wildfires, researchers with the U.S. Forest Service say.

3 ways to inspire citizen engagement with social media

Creating authentic content, snackable videos and a consistent presence will help agencies boost engagement and get the most out of their social media investment.

Should government social media accounts be treated as critical infrastructure?

Social media accounts used for timely or sensitive communications should be subject to the same cybersecurity practices followed by the energy, transportation and chemical sectors.

Interior seeks social media management tool

The Department of the Interior wants a tool to help it manage its social media accounts through a single platform.

The 'fake news' challenge for first responders

A DHS advisory group offers tops on how local and federal emergency responders can leverage social media.

Digital policing requires extensive collaboration

Although a recent survey indicates people want to be able to communicate with law enforcement via texts and social media, many police departments struggle to find a workable platform and process.

Can Russian cyber meddling be stopped?

The low-cost electronic meddling that sows suspicion in the democratic process is likely to continue, a cybersecurity expect told a Senate panel.

Extreme digital vetting of visitors to the U.S. moves forward under a new name

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have invited tech companies to develop algorithms that will track visa holders' social media activity.

Emotional subtext in tweets may signal health issues

Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory analyzed 171 million anonymized tweets from users near military bases to find patterns of opinion and emotion that correlate with medical visits for influenza-like illnesses.

4 ways social media can bring quick wins for government

A robust social media strategy can help agencies meet some of their transparency and engagement goals and produce a tangible return on investment.

Social media helps officials spot public health threats -- but only for the rich?

Knowing the demographic and socioeconomic breakdown of social media-generated data can better shape the design of research studies and public health surveillance systems.