social services

White House pitches $1.6B in anti-fraud funding

The anti-fraud proposal includes funds to modernize state governments’ benefits systems, identity verification and data analytics capabilities.

Data warehouse aggregates local homelessness data for statewide analysis

To target services and funds aimed at reducing and preventing homelessness, California’s data sharing platform allows state and local leaders to coordinate services, policies and programs.

White House mulls scaling up Login-dot-gov to reach every American

A draft of a long-awaited executive order covering digital identity calls for Login-dot-gov services to be made available for state and local programs.

How data sharing amplifies benefits programs

When information is shared across agencies, leaders can craft more equitable solutions and unlock the full potential of available resources.

How to reduce citizen harm from automated decision systems

For agencies that use automated systems to inform decisions about schools, social services and medical treatment, it’s imperative that they’re using technology that protects data.

State serves up map for tackling food insecurity

An interactive food resource map covers all 46 counties in South Carolina and features profiles for more than 900 food pantries and resources.

HUD offers $2.8B for evidence-based homelessness solutions

Applicants for grants under the agency’s Continuum of Care program must support their proposals with data showing local homelessness challenges and program service metrics.

Cloud solutions speed rental assistance payments

The New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration quickly launched a portal for residents to submit applications and track their progress, and a North Carolina county developed an integrated customer contact solution to better deliver payments and services.

Using APIs to bridge the gap between old technology and new needs

Application programming interfaces can deliver better tools, data and reporting for benefit determinations without requiring significant upgrades to existing technology.