Software Development

Innovation that widens the social safety net

A dozen new projects aim to help more agencies connect low-income communities with government benefits.

Rule for vendors' secure software self-attestation in the works

Federal agencies will soon need vendors to attest that their products conform with NIST guidance on secure software development, OMB says.

NSA, CISA and ODNI release new software supply chain guidelines for developers

The guidelines include best practices on open source management, verifying third-party components, delivering code, component maintenance, hardening the build environment and more.

County assessor’s code repository powers transparent government

Cook County, Illinois, Assessor’s Office moved paper-based and siloed property assessment records to the GitLab DevOps platform where developers now post data and code to a public-facing repository.

Connected vehicle, infrastructure data drives roadway safety

City planners will soon be able to share and validate digital models of traffic conditions with the help of an open-source tool that collects data from connected vehicles and infrastructure sensors.

The next big quantum leap may require better software

The raw power of increasingly advanced quantum computers could necessitate advances in software to make sense of the noise.

NIST suggests agencies accept the word of software producers per executive order

The standards agency said an attestation from vendors themselves would be sufficient when screening for cybersecurity, unless an agency's risk calculus suggests otherwise.

6 strategies for better mobile services delivery

Mobile development is no cakewalk, but accessible user-centered apps that allow individuals to solve their own problems can improve government services delivery and spark digital transformation.

Climate data tools win NOAA challenge

The four winning teams developed digital tools designed to help local decision makers use federal data for better climate resilience planning.

DOD smooths funding path for entrepreneurs

The Defense SBIR/STTR Innovation Portal makes it easier for entrepreneurs to present great ideas to the Defense Department.

State, local governments lean into agile

A study of four governments -- two state and two local -- illustrates how agile has evolved from a software development approach to being applied in project management, procurement and social services.

How DevOps lost its way -- and how to bring it back

Centralized hubs where developers can access an arsenal of DevOps tools minimize the need for context switching and provide greater visibility into how tools work together and who’s using them for what purpose.

Mind the development talent gap: A low-to-high approach

If developers code on the “low,” or unclassified, side they can leverage al the best practices, tools and talent available without the need for a fully classified environment. The trick is converting that low-side development to a classified environment in a consistent, repeatable and secure manner.

Boston launches chatbot, donation platform to strengthen food access

The SMS chatbot and online food donation platform aim to give city residents a centralized, easy-access source for food resource information.

Why agencies need low-code application development right now

Empowering developers with low-code application platforms and a robust software architecture will help them deliver innovation, application modernization and more agile compliance.

Integrating cloud-native security and DevSecOps workflows

Six tips for agency IT managers wrestling with cloud-native security issues and processes.