Software Development

Security a top priority in the software development process, report finds

However, the government is lagging behind the private sector in using some of these tools.

Turning hackers’ behavior against them

By identifying psychological biases of hackers, a new program aims to develop proactive network defenses that go beyond tech-based solutions and rely on analysis of attackers’ behavior to thwart them.

Demand heats up for grants management solutions

With state and local entities having to track extraordinary numbers of grants, thanks to unprecedented amounts of pandemic-related federal funding, the search for software that can simplify grants management is on.

Governments view open source as critical for enhancing digital services, experts say

The U.S. government is “still in the process of organizing and coordinating” its own strategy around the use of open source software, according to a CISA official.

The federal government is moving on memory safety for cybersecurity

The issue of how coding languages might support software developers’ management of memory has recently gotten attention from the National Security Council, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and Congress.

It’s time-out for leap seconds: an expert explains why the tiny clock adjustments will be paused from 2035

Leap seconds once meant to synchronize the Coordinated Universal Time and Universal Time systems may be abandoned as scientists realize the dangers of computer systems that fail to correctly make the one-second adjustment.

Latest guidance outlines customer responsibilities for software security

The guide provides recommendations for software supply chain security throughout the product lifecycle, from procurement to deployment.

Innovation that widens the social safety net

A dozen new projects aim to help more agencies connect low-income communities with government benefits.

Rule for vendors' secure software self-attestation in the works

Federal agencies will soon need vendors to attest that their products conform with NIST guidance on secure software development, OMB says.

NSA, CISA and ODNI release new software supply chain guidelines for developers

The guidelines include best practices on open source management, verifying third-party components, delivering code, component maintenance, hardening the build environment and more.

County assessor’s code repository powers transparent government

Cook County, Illinois, Assessor’s Office moved paper-based and siloed property assessment records to the GitLab DevOps platform where developers now post data and code to a public-facing repository.

Connected vehicle, infrastructure data drives roadway safety

City planners will soon be able to share and validate digital models of traffic conditions with the help of an open-source tool that collects data from connected vehicles and infrastructure sensors.

The next big quantum leap may require better software

The raw power of increasingly advanced quantum computers could necessitate advances in software to make sense of the noise.

NIST suggests agencies accept the word of software producers per executive order

The standards agency said an attestation from vendors themselves would be sufficient when screening for cybersecurity, unless an agency's risk calculus suggests otherwise.

6 strategies for better mobile services delivery

Mobile development is no cakewalk, but accessible user-centered apps that allow individuals to solve their own problems can improve government services delivery and spark digital transformation.

Climate data tools win NOAA challenge

The four winning teams developed digital tools designed to help local decision makers use federal data for better climate resilience planning.