One click and help is on the way

Although HelpSTAR2012 is not cheap, cutting downtime and streamlining help desk calls can be worth the money over time.

Dell unveils desktop virtualization tool for feds

Enterprise-class solution helps agencies manage “geographic sprawl” through greater mobility and ability to power almost any device virtually anywhere.

Software in some FDA laptops tracks employees’ activities

Reportedly concerned about unauthorized disclosures, FDA officials installed monitoring software on some scientists’ laptops. The scientists say the action is in retaliation for blowing the whistle.

DOD wants cyberterrorism-prediction software

DARPA seeks proposals for new software that can scour social media and other sites to predict cyberterrorism events.

Army's 'Kraken' puts data from many sensors onto one screen

With troop drawdowns in Afghanistan, the Army will use computerized surveillance technology to improve perimeter security and help protect small units in remote outposts.

How to run a successful coding competition

States and CMS worked upfront to specify goals that will be used to pick winners in a challenge to write software to screen Medicaid providers.

Why do feds rank cloud, agile development down on their priority list?

It's not that cloud isn't important, but federal IT professionals see other issues as more urgent, a recent Serena Software survey suggests.

DOE offers $100K for best energy-saving apps

The Energy Department has set up a contest to reward developers who write the best apps for maintaining energy savings and awareness among consumers.

DISA to roll out defense-wide mobility plan

DISA is gearing up to launch a DOD-wide mobility strategy that will include setting up an enterprise app store and establishing standards for software developers.

Malware Madness: Stuxnet torches Christmas Tree; Melissa surprises

It's just the first bracket of Malware Madness 2012, and we already have our first upset.

New Apple tool helps configure, manage iPhones and iPads

The Apple Configurator is designed to help organizations manage large deployments.

A race to restore the voices of the past

Energy Department physicists have developed an imaging system that allows libraries and museums to recover voices from audio recordings that have been mute for more than a century.

IRENE: Key to unlocking mute recordings

Scientists from the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and the Library of Congress are collaborating on using digital images to reproduce sound.

Is platform-as-a-service ready to leave the station?

As cloud computing efforts move to applications, platform-as-a-service will likely become a common delivery model.

6 NASA technologies in play at the Super Bowl

Inventions and innovations created for the space program have filtered down to the playing field and have contributed to making the big game what it is.

Agile platform gives Army division a fast track to the cloud

The Army's Architecture Services Division within the Software Engineering Center has deployed a platform designed for the rapid development and migration of applications to a private cloud.

NYC opens first high school for software engineering

City aims to help fill the need for programmers, whether the students go to college or not.