Calif. city gets wireless jump on earthquake damage

Scott Fabbro, project coordinator for the land information system of Glendale, Calif., learned from the experiences of his father, a Federal Emergency Management Agency inspector, how vital geographic data can be in an emergency. <br>

AFFIRM gives nod to states

The Association for Federal Information Resources Management recently honored three state IT officials for their work with the E-Grants initiative and the Federal Grants Streamlining Program, and in establishing the Interstate and Nonprofit Advisory Group. Receiving awards were Marilyn Cordell of New York, left, Denise Francis of Texas and Sheri Rowe (not pictured) of Pennsylvania.

Managed security services are coming, Symantec CEO says

Symantec Corp.'s CEO says outsourced managed security service contracts are the wave of the future for government networks, but the market is nascent.<br>

Multinational war games will test analysis tool

The U.S. Joint Forces Command will use a new software analysis tool that displays relationships between key facts buried in separate files.<br>

PTO pilots aim to ease application and filing procedures

The Patent and Trademark Office today launched a prototype system for processing patent applications electronically. The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board also unveiled a system for filing documents in trademark disputes.

Va. city outsources IT remotely

In the go-go economic climate of the late 1990s, the city of Falls Church, Va., had trouble hiring and retaining IT staff. City officials decided to outsource all IT work. <br>

SBA using Web for backup, recovery

The Small Business Administration has moved its data backup and recovery operations to the Web as part of a desktop client and network upgrade.<br>

Sun rolls out enhancements for network products

Sun Microsystems Inc. is stepping up the services end of its network computing business, marketing to government customers four new programs that better support the company's technologies. <br>

GIS interface will help agencies build out 'spatial Web'

Government and industry members of the OpenGIS Consortium Inc. have forged a fast-track interoperability consensus that culminated recently in live international Web mapping via the OGC Web Services 1.2 interface. <br>

NEC shows off environmentally friendly PC

NEC Solutions Inc. showed off its new ecologically friendly, eerily quiet PC yesterday at Comdex. The computer has no cooling fan that would contribute to noise pollution. <br>

Housing agency likes mice

At the Chicago Housing Authority, there's a mouse in the house. The nation's third-largest public housing authority is swapping network passwords for biometric mice that scan users' fingerprints.

Agencies' sites go multilingual

Agencies are slowly starting to deliver their online content in languages besides English.

Lessons learned at home helped with new system

When Martin Smith, director of the International Trade Commission's Office of Information Services, faced the task of overhauling the agency's electronic docket system, he recalled his experience in building his home in McLean, Va., in the 1990s.

Public works shop goes digital

The Public Works Department of Michigan's charter township of Waterford had just two PCs in 1996. In six years, the department has expanded its IT resources into a multimillion-dollar, award-winning IT infrastructure.

Northrop Grumman wins $228 million INS contract

The Immigration and Naturalization Service this week awarded a five-year, $228 million contract for IT services to Northrop Grumman Corp. <br>

Trademark seekers shift away from paper, PTO says

The Patent and Trademark Office announced today that it began receiving more trademark applications online than on paper in September. PTO has been working in-house on its first online application filing system since 1992, trademark commissioner Anne Chasser said. 'It has taken us 10 years to become an overnight success,' she said. <br>

Phantom makes data invisible

If you want to hide data so that even supersleuths can't find it, check out a PC with Phantom Total Security software preinstalled.