DNA: Marines tap Microsoft's Distributed interNet Architecture to keep track of recruit processing

About four years ago, officials at the Marine Recruiting Center at Fort Belvoir, Va., decided to automate their system for directing and monitoring enlistment processing for new recruits.


The Internal Revenue Service is undergoing a massive hardware and software upgrade at the desktop level, laying the groundwork for a migration to a Windows 2000 environment in about two years.


The reasoning behind the proposed split of Microsoft Corp. befuddles me.'It's not that I think Microsoft should stay as it is. Nor am I advocating its breakup. I'm just puzzled at the way Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson and the Justice Department want to split the company.


My first Patch Panel column was written just as Microsoft Windows 2000 was released. I had been testing Release Candidate 2 and had just enough time to install the shipping version of Win 2000 Professional. A few weeks later, it was reported that Microsoft Corp. had left out some important information about the Kerberos security tool it had pre-announced and that I had described in my column.

Datacenter Server

Microsoft Windows operating systems are nearly as common as keyboards in desktop computing, but the server versions of Windows lag significantly behind such OSes as SunSoft Solaris in the management of database, Web, file sharing and application server machines.

Tips, Tools, Tricks for Windows 2000

Microsoft Windows 2000 is many things, but it is not particularly easy to get up and running. It's a new, expansive operating system with new code, tools and features, and in some respects it requires a new approach to network management.


Microsoft Corp. is revving up to launch seven new server products that collectively will make up Windows 2000 DNA, or Distributed InterNet Architecture, the company's platform for building Web applications.


The love affair is over. <i>Pause. Reboot.</i> Microsoft Corp. certainly fulfilled many of its promises with the release of Windows 2000.


Early reports on Microsoft Windows 2000 suggest that it is practically bulletproof, capable of running around the clock for weeks without showing users the dreaded blue screen of death.

Q & A: Sean Murphy, Microsoft Federal

Sean Murphy, technical specialist manager for Microsoft Federal, has been on the front lines of Microsoft Corp.'s efforts in launching Windows 2000 in the government market.

The key to successful migration is in the groundwork

Most of the work you'll do in migrating from Microsoft Windows NT to Windows 2000 will take place long before you insert the product's distribution CD-ROM in your computers.

Win 2000 passes Microsoft partner's early tests for stability and scalability

irst, a disclosure. Unisys Corp. is a strong Microsoft Corp. partner and we have successfully integrated Microsoft technology to solve business problems for our customers. With this experience, we have been eager to assess and incorporate Windows 2000 technology into our infrastructure services, enterprise solutions and server technology for electronic business.

Windows 2000: Do all the new features make the case for Win 2000 Server?

The release of Microsoft Windows 2000 occurred in February with promises from Microsoft Corp. that it would be stable, secure, scalable and manageable. How well did the company deliver on those promises?


Is it best to start fresh with Microsoft Windows 2000 Server or upgrade from Windows NT 4.0? That's the question GCN put to Microsoft Corp. principal technical specialist Lance Horne and lead product manager Peter Houston in an interview about Win 2000 Server.