Gigabit WiFi speeds on the way, but beware the draft

The race to produce super-fast 802.11ac wireless routers ahead of IEEE's final approval could create some confusion.

DISA to roll out defense-wide mobility plan

DISA is gearing up to launch a DOD-wide mobility strategy that will include setting up an enterprise app store and establishing standards for software developers.

Big Apple in .nyc state of mind with plans for its own TLD

New York City is set to take advantage of ICANN's new rules allowing an expanded number of top-level domains.

Industry to Congress: Hands off cybersecurity

A panel of network executives warns legislators that imposing requirements for security could hamper them in efforts to get ahead of the bad guys.

New standard boosts security for digital docs

FIPS 180-4 updates the federal Secure Hash Standard by adding two new algorithms to the list of those approved for validating digital content.

Internet Society launches info hub for DNSSEC, IPv6

The Deploy360 site is an online resource for information on two transformative technologies being implemented globally on the Internet.

New rules of cyber-crime engagement needed to protect US now

Targeted cyber crime threats are on the rise and cause real concern for U.S. national security secrets, intell chiefs testified at a recent Senate hearing.

$10M offered for ideas on creating trusted online identities

NIST is making grants available for research that addresses technical and operational challenges to implementing the administration's National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace.

Army working to streamline networking efforts

The Army's new acquisition and evaluation process is beginning to show results as the service identifies shortcomings and rolls out new systems to troops.

White House: Tech standards are (mostly) industry's job

Standards will be created primarily by industry, but the government will still have a say in national priority areas such as cybersecurity, health care IT and clean energy.

Could agencies' individual needs break FedRAMP?

Federal agencies tend to have specific requirements that could undercut the standardized approach of a program like the Federal Risk Authorization Management Program, industry experts say.

Is CIO confidence on FISMA compliance waning?

A majority of federal IT officials do not expect to meet OMB's September deadline for installing continuous monitoring systems, and top IT execs are most doubtful of all.

Motorola's encrypted smart phone meets FIPS, NSA standards

The AME 1000 Secure Mobile Telephony System combines a hardware-based encryption and certification module with a software-based secure voice system.

Phishing economy: Why tiny Tokelau is 3rd largest country domain

The .tk domain of Tokelau, a New Zealand island territory with 1,400 people and no airport or seaport, is a primary channel for phishing e-mails from China.

OMB launches 'Shared First' IT consolidation drive

In a draft proposal, federal agencies are asked to consolidate at least two agency systems under a shared services approach by December 2012.

State Dept., Coast Guard to lash health record systems together

The State Department and Coast Guard will set up an interagency disaster recovery network through which State health care providers can access records of Defense and Veterans Affairs departments' personnel under their care.

Systemic tensions: 3 IT project zombies that just won't die

Three recurring conflicts born of well-meaning but often diametrically opposed IT forces keep haunting IT systems development.