State and Local

Sparse eviction data challenges Wyoming's rental assistance programs

A records management system upgrade that paused eviction data collection may have contributed to ignorance about the scope of the state's housing problems.

Saving water with real-time data collection

To support more efficient river management, Idaho’s Water District 63 is automating remote data collection and gate control with high-speed broadband wireless.

Can AI-powered congestion pricing improve transportation equity?

New research suggests big data and machine learning can create an equitable approach to tolling and improve traffic congestion.

Census 2020 gets its first challenges

Some cities and municipalities are pushing the Census Bureau to correct population counts they say are too low.

Detroit tests cloud-enabled pavement monitoring

In-vehicle sensors collect and analyze data and send it to the cloud where the city can access it as a GIS layer to see road surface ratings.

Las Vegas taps digital twin for sustainability

With a digital twin, the city can leverage street-level data collected through IoT sensors to model future energy use, emissions, mobility and emergency management.

A Shift Away from Daily COVID Case Counts Has Begun

Public health officials are considering a shift from increasingly inaccurate case data to numbers they say better represent the effect of the disease on the community and the health care system: hospitalizations and deaths.

Maryland Health Department hit with ransomware

For more than two weeks, COVID surveillance data wasn't released publicly, and many day-to-day operational services are still unavailable.

Tennessee taps evidence-based budgeting for funding decisions

Using clearinghouse data, an evidence framework and internal analytic tools, the state's Office of Evidence and Impact evaluates programs to help decision-makers see whether more funding is warranted.

Wyoming health IT modernization nears completion

The modules of the Wyoming Integrated Next Generation System were procured separately to ensure best-of-breed solutions.

Cities in Texas hit by QR-code phishing scam

Austin, Houston and San Antonio have been affected by a phishing scam designed to get users to pay for parking using fraudulent QR codes pasted on public meters.

Census recounts fail to account for COVID chaos, cities say

Communities that believe pandemic-related chaos made it impossible for census workers to get an accurate count of their populations may have trouble qualifying for a recount and miss out on state and federal funding.

Network upgrades support heath care growth in rural Iowa

A redundant 10G closed network infrastructure allows state health care workers to transport data to and from hospitals, clinics and outside partners.

Feds Step Up Cybersecurity Support for State Governments

Forty-two advisers have been appointed or are in the process, with eight states still needing federal-level coordinators.

Cyber vulnerabilities could impact municipal finance

Municipal bond credit analysts consider governments unprepared for cyberattacks, a recent survey says.

Ohio adopts single sign-on for unemployment claims

The OH|ID gives users a trusted identity they can use for unemployment benefits, while offering state agencies enterprise-level identity proofing services.

Ohio launches platform to match foster children with families

Using a specialized search engine and a family tree building tool, social workers will be able to connect foster children to extended family members.