Software-defined storage positions agencies for modernization

As government enterprise networks grow in size and complexity, software-defined storage can help agencies better handle data growth.

Balancing security with accessibility: Properly managing information and high-value assets

A comprehensive information management program will help agencies more effectively secure their information, while still maximizing the availability of important agency data.

Why agencies are turning to object storage

Popularized as a way for cloud providers to house massive amounts of unstructured data, object storage's biggest benefit is its ability to meet modern storage needs.

Better solutions for ransomware recovery

With the versioning and write-once, read-many features of object storage, agencies can limit the impact of ransomware when preventative measures fail.

Consequences of ransomware heat up in Atlanta

Continuous data protection can help agencies shield themselves from the significant damage and costly recovery from cyber attacks.

DNA: Nature's data center

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity is looking for a new storage medium that can hold more data within a smaller footprint. Is DNA the answer?

IT innovation in government: Here's what federal agencies need to know

Flash as-a-service can deliver high-performance storage in a flexible model for secure deployments optimized for government agencies.

Florida's data-driven intelligent transit

The SunStore data management initiative will support housing, sharing, analyzing, transporting and applying enterprise data for improved safety and mobility across all modes of travel.

7 ways to minimize data loss after a storm

Agencies must ensure their employees know how to deal with to damaged devices to reduce the likelihood of data loss.

3 factors affecting video surveillance storage

Agencies investing in more powerful cameras and analytics software should base their video storage decisions on retention time, accessibility and cost.

The hidden challenge behind body cams -- storage

An open source, software-defined storage solution helped a small town manage its body-worn camera and surveillance data.

Hyperconverged solution streamlines transit IT

San Francisco’s transit agency is using Nutanix’s enterprise cloud solution to improve service delivery and reduce its data center footprint.

Stop the reliance on legacy IT: What to consider in a modern storage network

To support digital transformation, today's agency networks must provide reliability, high-performance access and secure modern storage.

The storage challenge for body-worn camera video

Agencies considering implementing a body-worn camera program need a scalable, secure data storage infrastructure.

A flash forward for government data

Will embracing flash storage drives help the Department of Defense optimize its data centers?

HCI opportunities in agency IT

Agencies have already leveraged hyper-converged infrastructure for sharing storage, virtual desktop infrastructure and workload consolidation.

Why the time is right for hyper-converged infrastructure

Evolutionary changes in technology and policy have created a climate for technology-fueled automation and efficiency in the data center.