Lenovo's AnyPen eliminates the need for a stylus

The AnyPen technology lets users write with a ballpoint pen or graphite pencil, delivering more precise navigation than a finger and eliminating the need for a proprietary stylus.

Next BlackBerry tablet is aimed at government

BlackBerry announced the SecuTablet, a new secure tablet outfitted with technology components from Samsung, IBM and Secusmart, a German encryption company acquired by BlackBerry last year.

Voting technology: Is it secure yet?

With the presidential election coming up in 2016, many constituencies are considering how they can use technology to secure and streamline the voting process.

Surface Pro 3 stretches for the enterprise

For enterprises looking to equip staff with both tablets and laptops, Microsoft is positioning its Surface Pro 3 as a full-powered business PC and a tablet while sweetening the deal with a discount and new support program.

Lenovo's TAB S8: $200 tablet with Intel processor

Lenovo announced the $199 TAB S8, the company’s first Intel-powered Android tablet.

FCC sets timetable for text-to-911

The Federal Communication Commission’s new rules will ensure that all remaining wireless carriers and certain IP-based text application providers are prepared to support text-to-911 by the end of the year.

Smaller Toughpads get voice connectivity

Panasonic announced two fully rugged, 5-inch enterprise-class handheld tablets for mobile professionals.

HP debuts IT systems fit for public sector demand

HP announced mobile devices and virtual workstation technology the company says meet the demands of its government customers.

Multi-device BYOD management from a single console

Latest release of Absolute Manage will offer full BYOD support for Mac and Windows computers as well as tablets and smartphones from a single console.

Rugged notebooks and modular handhelds debut

Two companies, Dell and VT Miltope, recently announced rugged models for users in military service, public safety, manufacturing and first response.

App helps Pennsylvania get its bridges back

Tablet app helps the state survey its complete road and bridge system.

Panasonic tablet marries rugged to high resolution

Panasonic unveils the Toughpad 4K UT MB5, a durable tablet with an ultra-high-definition display.

Lenovo releases Android Yoga tablets

The 8- and 10-inch tablets can be used in three modes and boast 18-hour battery life.

Tough tablet has strength, endurance and (probably) enough speed for the field

The Algiz 10X from Handheld Group easily passes every ruggedness test and can run all day, though its Atom processor has performance limits.

3 reasons iOS 7 makes iPhone, iPads more suitable for government

Apple's new mobile OS can keep work and personal apps separate, secure and managed. And the ability of multitask doesn't hurt, either.

Will Samsung's tablet strike the right note with government users?

The Galaxy Note 8.0 does everything you need a tablet to do, with enhanced security features that should appeal to government users.

Lenovo's rip-and-flip Helix could find a place in the mobile office

The company's new ThinkPad covers the bases as both a tablet and laptop.