Made to order

Movement Tracking System taps satellite links to help logistics units resupply troops on the fly

EDS wins option year for DFAS work

The Defense Finance and Accounting Service awarded EDS Corp. a year-long option worth up to $12.2 million to continue providing services for its electronic data management system.

Cisco delves into wireless mesh networking

The company also debuts wireless controller add-ons for Catalyst and Integrated Services Router families.

HUD, other agencies worked around Katrina's telecom conundrum

It's no surprise that the scale of destruction from Hurricane Katrina exceeded every agency's worst-case predictions.

Digital clues help police land high-tech pirates

Last month, the Sacramento Valley Hi-Tech Crimes Task Force, along with the U.S. Attorney's Office and the Secret Service, busted what they described as a massive DVD pirate ring.

Special Report: State Department's computer crime investigations go global

In 2003, in a former Soviet republic, several people were tried and convicted of terrorism, and two of them received the death penalty.

Executive Suite: Counting our IT blessings

Despite the hardships caused by the war in Iraq, the devastation from hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and the prospect of higher-than-usual winter energy prices, those of us in the IT business can count our blessings this Thanksgiving.

Justice CIO Hitch details agenda for fiscal 2006

The FBI's Sentinel Case Management system is one of many initiatives Vance Hitch and a staff of 350 IT employees are trying to push forward.

CIA leak special counsel unveils Web site

The office of U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, the special counsel appointed to investigate the leak of a CIA covert agent's identity to members of the press, has created a Web site.

The essentials of computer forensics

Computer forensics, a rapidly growing field, is the use of hardware and software tools to recover the contents of a digital device for use as evidence in court.

Computer forensics: On the cutting edge

A few miles outside Hamilton, N.J., in a sparkling facility that still smells of fresh paint and sawn wood, Larry Depew flips a switch and a blue light starts flashing overhead.

Fighting cybercrime on a shoestring budget

In cramped, dingy offices near New York's East River, a couple dozen detectives and analysts hunch over computers, plowing their way through hundreds of criminal cases.

Text-to-speech app gives police a virtual partner

Sometimes it just takes a shift in perspective to solve a glaring problem.

NIEM releases first draft of info-sharing specs

By encoding their information within a standardized set of metadata, agencies could make their resources more easily accessible to other agencies.

Color copiers earn security clearance

Six products from Xerox Corp. have become the first of their kind to achieve Common Criteria Certification.

Stanford grabs DARPA Grand Challenge purse

Stanford University has claimed the $2 million prize for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's Grand Challenge autonomous vehicle race.

FirstGov moves to cluster technology to expand search engine capabilities

Users of <a href=""></a> will soon have access to significantly more online government data, thanks in part to an expanded search function, General Services Administration officials said.