Power management

Federal agency IT departments are working to reduce power consumption by buying more efficient computers and networking equipment, and adopting efficient practices such as virtualization and thin-client computing.

EPEAT Registry goes deep

Looking for a green machine? The EPEAT Registry gives you a variety of search options to help find what you need.

Green machines yield real savings

The benefits of using computer products certified as compliant with the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool are significant.

The case for e-discovery

A federal court ruling makes clear that in the event of a lawsuit, agency IT departments must be prepared to produce pertinent documents'including wikis, blogs and other Web 2.0 content. Having a framework for e-discovery can help make sure you can find them.

Protecting network ports

North Carolina authority uses Webgate security appliance to filter online traffic.

Keep it simple, see?

When choosing a security gateway: 'Look for simplicity,' and a company that provides support to minimize any pain in setting it up.

Harvest time

Five federal, educational and private archiving organizations have partnered to crawl the Web, gathering data from sites in the .gov domain to create an end-of-term snapshot for posterity.

NARA: Preserving Web records is up to each agency

The National Archives and Records Administration leaves it up to each agency to decide, with the help of NARA's guidance, which Web records to preserve.

Governance on demand

The City of Roseville, Calif., uses an on-demand project and portfolio management system from Innotas to get control of more than 180 IT projects.

Clear and present dangers

Four key categories of cyberthreats will likely dominate the security landscape during the next year.

FDCC's role in staying a step ahead of the hackers

Regardless of the lists and rankings of top security threats, the most dangerous vulnerability is always the one still in your system.

When it pays to buy used

Agencies can stretch their IT budgets by buying used equipment, which can also help keep a network inventory homogeneous and keep legacy code running. But you should know the risks before taking advantage of these deals.

With hardware, buyer beware

When buying hardware, be careful of what you buy ' the name on the label might not be the manufacturer of the product.

Midrange, high capacity

As computing requirements grow, agencies could find that the increased power and expanded platform options of midrange servers are the answer in data centers.

Search goes to the video

The SnapStream Enterprise appliance can record video and search the closed captioning and metadata to help users find what they need in hours of recordings.

NOAA explorer will lead to marine discoveries

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Okeanos Explorer features high-definition video and a remote-control exploration vehicle that will provide data to researchers.

Exploring the seas, via IP

<i>Okeanos Explorer</i> uses a satellite link to provide scientists with ocean-going data.