Cities double as labs for mobile innovation

Some of the most original mobile software development is often found in the ranks of local government, such as in Lincoln, Neb., and Corpus Christi, Texas.

Austin puts a new shine on old website

The new AustinTexas.gov website may have been nearly 10 years in the making, but it appears it was worth the wait.

States, cities, pursue 'any-device' mobile platforms

State and local government CIOs are rushing to answer the public's demand for 'all information, anytime, from any device'.

Back to the future: Texas cops fly a high-tech version of 1923 autogyro

The aircraft uses a propeller for speed and an unpowered rotor for lift.

Using search engines, e-mail now almost universal

Americans are using e-mail and searching online more than ever. In fact, about 61 percent of online adults use both on an average day.

Texas Panhandle's data-sharing system corrals law enforcement comm

A new data center and hardware lets law enforcement agencies in the Panhandle share warrants and to track the location of their officers.

Houston streamlines emergency dispatch system

A computer-aided system ends the need for alarm monitoring companies to call a center about alarm notifications.

Texas can keep using paperless voting

The Texas Supreme Court ruled against a group that sued to stop the state from using direct-recording electronic voting machines.

Texas tries again to criminalize some TSA pat-downs

The Lone Star state is close to putting restrictions on how and when TSA agents can conduct pat-downs when travelers can't or won't pass through security scanners.

In Texas, software ties together first responders' radios

Interoperability software allows emergency response groups to communicate across a variety of systems and equipment.

'Stun glove' gives an arm of the law superhero powers

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department later this year will debut a prototype arm shield with a non-lethal taser, LED flashlight and laser-guided video camera, and which could add GPS, smart phone and biometrics.

Are TSA pat-downs invasive maneuvers or 'freedom fondles'?

A spat between TSA and Texas legislature has thrust airport pat-downs into the spotlight once again, and the debate pits personal privacy against national security.

Where WiMax rules for wireless networking

A broadband super network in Houston will manage traffic signals, read water meters and provide low-cost public Internet access, at a fraction of the cost of Wi-Fi.

WiMax well suited for metropolitan-area networks

WiMax is a mature standard well suited for metropolitan-area networks, but cities still need to develop a business case for installing their own networks to replace commercial offerings, says Houston's program manager.

Texas comptroller exposes personal data on millions

Unencrypted data was left exposed in the office of the Texas Comptroller for more than a year.

Asset-tracking app gets Dallas' inventory in order

The city's mobile asset-tracking software cuts the time its takes to audit grant-funded public safety equipment across Dallas' agencies and offices.

Texas police department contracts out live video monitoring

The Addison, Texas, Police Department is using Dallas-based Stealth Monitoring Inc. to monitor and transmit live video of potential emergencies to dispatcher, according to a report by Government Technology.