The Hill

Could 5G cause GPS problems?

DOD technology officials blasted a FCC decision to allow a commercial wireless firm to come online despite possible interference with GPS transmissions.

Federal pay freeze is a done deal

A new law funds the government through March and freezes civilian federal employees' pay for the next two fiscal years.

Fed employees cry foul on coming pay freeze

The Senate has approved a continuing resolution to fund the government through March 4 that includes a two-year pay freeze for all civilian federal employees.

After the spending bill: What now?

What will happen to the new insourcing policies, proposed federal pay freeze and agency IT budgets, now that the Senate omnibus funding bill has been withdrawn?

Federal shutdown a possibility

The federal government's money runs out at midnight Dec. 18 unless the Senate takes quick action.

More feds will telework under new law

Teleworkers of the world rejoice! House lawmakers have passed a bill to expand the number of federal employees eligible to telework.

House Blue Dogs propose commission to kill programs

The commission would review each federal program to determine its merits.

Senators look to Amsterdam for airport technology

Computer-based auto-detection technology deployed at Amsterdam’s airport to screen passengers for explosives could be useful in the United States, according to some senators.

Lawmaker wants more technology for transparency

A new House bill would require the use of technologies to increase disclosures from lobbyists and lawmakers.

U.S. would lose a cyber war, former intell chief warns

The country needs to make a national commitment to securing cyberspace before a catastropic attack occurs.

Cyber threat growing at unprecedented rate, intell chief says

Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair today gave a blunt assessment of the many cyber threats faced by U.S. government and private-sector networks.

Federal health beneficiaries won't face higher health care tax...yet

Pressure from federal employee unions pushed lawmakers to give rank-and-file feds same deal on health excise tax as state/local counterparts.

New cybersecurity role for NIST?

NIST would be responsible for developing a plan to coordinate the government's work with international organizations developing cybersecurity standards under a bill approved by the House Science and Technology’s Innovation Subcommittee.

Federal Register goes XML -- at last

Readers can now browse, reorganize, and electronically customize the Federal Register's contents.