GSA looking to turn everything into a service

Everything-as-a-Service has emerged in the post-personal computer era as a cost-effective, streamlined way to buy IT services and solutions.

A sensing probe in every car?

Sensors in new cars could track bad weather, pinpoint road congestion and prevent crashes.

New Jersey mashes up to keep traffic moving

The New Jersey Department of Transportation is making traffic data from a variety of sources available to drivers through multiple channels, including interactive voice response systems for phones and a new website.

How 511 got its digits

After the Federal Communications Commission was given jurisdiction over the N11 dialing codes by the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the Transportation Department petitioned to assign 511 for automated travel information services.

Transportation gets in gear for data-sharing portal

Transportation wants to build a virtual portal so agencies can share data for regional transportation decision-making, according to a new RFI.

4 agency apps highlight the power of mobile tech

Agencies are beginning to tailor public information and services to mobile users in new and exciting ways, and these four applications are just the beginning.

Will e-rulemaking catch on?

Getting more people involved in federal rulemaking is not easy, but the Regulation Room website is seeing some interesting results.

Agency data management plan doesn’t fly, GAO says

The FAA is preparing to use more data in its risk management, but the efforts fall short, a new report says.

Online knowledge management tool keeps FAA inspectors on same page

Federal Aviation Administration air facility inspectors centralize their information in an online resource library.

Moving to the cloud? You need new skills.

Dan Mintz, former Transportation CIO, told an audience at the Knowledge Mangement Conference that manging Web applications and external cloud providers is different from what agencies are used to.

How knowledge management became sexy again

Professional and social media platforms, along with advances in collaboration and enterprise search tools, are making it easier to aggregate and share information, which is essentially what knowledge management is.

NASA engineers join Toyota investigation

The Transportation Department, looking into alleged acceleration problems with Toyota vehicles, is getting help from NASA engineers with expertise in electronics and software.

Commerce loses, Education gains in IT spending

Most IT budgets would change little from fiscal 2010 under the Obama administration's budget.

Independent panel to review FAA system outage

An independent panel of experts will review a four-hour outage that occurred in the FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure in November that resulted in flight delays.

DOT lifts the veil on its IT portfolio

The Transportation Department is deploying Métier's WorkLenz project and portfolio management software to streamline management of its $3 billion IT portfolio, improve its mandated OMB reports and comply with IT Dashboard requirements.

Adapting to cloud requires agility, flexibility

Speakers from the Transportation Department, FedEx and Manpower Inc. offer insights about cloud implementations.

Versatile NextGen 911 allows for phone, text and video emergency calling

A vendor shows how the Next Generation 911 emergency calling system is expected to use Internet Protocols to process phone calls, text messages and video.