City pilots sensors that track street activity, detect conflicts

The devices will collect data on road users’ speed, turning movements and modes and paths of travel to inform safety initiatives and city planning.

Urban-rural collaborations help eliminate transit deserts and improve mobility equity

COMMENTARY | An innovative partnership gives residents of northwest Washington state a single fare-payment option they can use on public transit to cross county lines for work, medical appointments or leisure.

Transit agency’s cloud-based customer service boosts efficiency, visibility

New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s new system better manages passenger feedback, giving MTA more insight into its riders’ needs.

DOT awards $94 million for innovative transportation tech

The Strengthening Mobility and Revolutionizing Transportation Grants Program made 59 awards for demonstration projects leveraging automation, connected vehicles, sensors and drones as well as smart grid and intelligent traffic signal technologies.

Here’s what’s in Biden’s budget plan for state and local governments

The administration, among other things, wants to dramatically increase funding for housing and restore the child tax credit.

Connected vehicle data can improve traffic safety

Information gathered from vehicle sensors can efficiently inform decisions about road safety strategies.

‘Ghost buses’ haunt transit agencies and frustrate riders

Transit agencies should release canceled or delayed bus data to the public to avoid unhappy travelers, experts say.

Data service tracks, analyzes electric vehicle travel

StreetLight Data’s EV Mode gives mobility planners detailed data that can help them efficiently build out EV infrastructure.

In northern Minnesota, autonomous vehicles are hitting rural roads

As Grand Rapids becomes the first rural community in the nation to pilot an autonomous shuttle service, it’s a trial by snow and ice rather than fire.

Real-time tracking now available for some city school buses

New York City’s efforts to modernize school transportation have been dogged by delays — like its buses — but this new effort will allow parents and schools to monitor them.

States test an electrifying idea: Roads that can recharge your EV

A few states are testing induction road-charging networks to power electric vehicles as they're driving using coils embedded in the pavement.

How data sharing revs up mobility decisions

What’s the expected usage for rural EV charging stations? A new data platform lets transportation managers predict energy savings for mobility programs from shared program data.

Michigan test drives country’s first mobility officer

Trevor Pawl hopes transformations in the automotive industry will also help state government replace “Depression Era departmental structures” with more nimble organizations.

Transportation Department looks to AI to help modernize highways

The Department of Transportation is soliciting applicants to integrate artificial intelligence and environmental analytics into highway infrastructure.

Testing out new transportation options in the nation’s capital

Washington, D.C. officials are hoping a “mobility innovation district” will help address equity concerns.

How cities are deciding where electric vehicle chargers should go

Places where street parking is the norm and residential driveways are rare face unique challenges when it comes to making sure drivers can plug in their cars.

Intelligent transportation management alleviates congestion

Rather than expanding highways in response to traffic congestion, communities can more efficiently manage their roadways with integrated insights from partner agencies, automated vehicles and navigation systems.