IRS keeps tabs on refund status through app for iPhones, Androids

To erase the image of being behind the curve technically speaking, the IRS has launched an tax refund tracker for iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Open-source sore point: No Android for your agency

It is no easy task getting a phone FIPS-certified, even if you have been doing it as long as BlackBerry has. Add an open-source element such as the Android operating system and it becomes a giant headache to use the phone you want.

Federal checks soon to go all-electronic

The Treasury Department is phasing out paper checks and will move to a fully automated system by March 13, 2013.

Treasury builds its new website in the cloud brings the agency to the cloud and integrates many new features of Gov. 2.0 and is a step forward in using new technologies to improve efficiency and transparency.

DOD cuts will slow overall fed IT spending growth

Federal spending on IT will increase slightly in the next five years. Who can expect to see their budgets grow and who faces cuts, according to new TechAmerica Foundation Vision survey forecasts.

No pulse, no pay: How the 'Do Not Pay' list will work

Vice President Joe Biden announced today that a governmentwide Do Not Pay List is being created to track debarred contractors, deceased individuals and others ineligible for federal payments.

Treasury shuts down 4 cloud-hosted Web sites after infection

Malicious code, which apparently came from servers in Ukraine, discovered in four Treasury Web sites hosted by a cloud service provider causes Treasury to shut down infected sites.

Bill would vaccinate Tricare against reform complications

A Senate bill, introduced the day before President Obama signed the health care reform law, would change the IRS code on behalf of those in military health plans.

Treasury bureau automating tax and trade permits, regulation

TTB will deploy Accela Automation as a Permits Online solution to support increasing application volumes, reduce costs, and improve service, TTB officials said. TTB’s Cincinnati-based National Revenue Center will be a primary recipient of the technology.

IRS launches YouTube, iTunes sites

The IRS launched a YouTube video site and an iTunes podcast site filled with content that provides taxpayers with information about tax provisions in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Cyberattacks could have been mitigated

Agency responses to cyberattacks on U.S. government sites demonstrates a need for better coordination between agency security officials and the companies that provide Internet services, experts say.

U.S., South Korean cyberattacks have little impact here

The attacks, which spiked late July 6 and early July 7, are not particularly sophisticated and can be mitigated by organizations that are prepared for them, experts say.

U.S. defense technologies put at risk by bureaucratic turf wars: GAO

Weapons and other defense-related technologies are in danger of falling into the wrong hands, according to a recent report by the Government Accountability Office.

Obama's transparent IT footprint

The Obama administration quickly established an information technology footprint during its first 100 days, driven by efforts to make information more easily available to the public.

Federal agencies boost green purchases

Thirteen agencies have reported that more than 95 percent of their desktop or laptop purchases in 2008 were EPEAT-registered, environmentally preferable, electronic products.

Agencies establish stimulus-focused sites

While the Obama administration and Congress have started tackling the economic issues facing this country, agency Web teams have been setting up sites that help carry out the goals of this stimulus work.

Audit finds holes in security of government systems protecting financial data

Treasury is not adequately protecting data collected and shared under the Bank Secrecy Act, according to a recent GAO study.