Secure Flight's off-the-shelf recipe

TSA credits the ability to keep Secure Flight's overall costs down and ahead of schedule with the use of commercial off-the-shelf software.

TSA's Secure Flight curbed risk, calmed travelers

The Transportation Security Administration took over the program to create an airline passenger watchlist and created a system with ultra-high availability, no single points of failure and trusted privacy protections.

TSA, NASA IT leaders among this year's GISLA winners

Federal and private-sector individuals and teams were honored for their work on key information security initiatives.

TSA expands use of noninvasive body scanners

The millimeter wave AIT machines give screeners a view of a generic human outline rather than a specific naked person.

Before pat-downs, TSA tries 'chat-downs' in Boston

At Boston’s Logan International Airport, Transportation Security Administration officers are interviewing travelers to look for obviously nervous or anxious travelers, who might require additional security screening.

TSA doing away with full-view body scans

New software enhances passenger privacy by eliminating graphic images of people's bodies while still scanning for weapons and explosives.

Human IED threat elicits DHS warning

Although the concept of a functional surgically implanted bomb sounds far-fetched, the Homeland Security Department isn't taking any chances and has issued a warning about the possible threat to air travelers.

Texas tries again to criminalize some TSA pat-downs

The Lone Star state is close to putting restrictions on how and when TSA agents can conduct pat-downs when travelers can't or won't pass through security scanners.

Spoiler alert: Spy techniques dissect GOP presidential nominees

The facial analysis technology that helps the CIA and TSA identify threats helps political analysts predict presidential campaigns.

TSA might back down some on pat-downs

A Transportation Security Agency official told concerned travelers that the agency will consider options that would subject fewer travelers to hotly contested pat-downs.

Are TSA pat-downs invasive maneuvers or 'freedom fondles'?

A spat between TSA and Texas legislature has thrust airport pat-downs into the spotlight once again, and the debate pits personal privacy against national security.

TSA may have a solution for virtual-striptease body scans

Privacy concerns regarding full-body scanners in airports may be put to rest, if a new technology now being tested proves effective.

DHS to automate watch list feeds

The Homeland Security Department and the Terrorist Screening Center will use a program to simplify how DHS receives information from the government's centralized terrorist database.

Widget provides one-click access to travel tips

The Summer Travel Web widget was developed by the Transportation Security Administration in conjunction with the Customs and Border Protection agency to provide travelers with easy access to helpful travel tips.

TSA reverses Web site censorship policy

The Transportation Security Administration has retracted its week-old policy of blocking employees' work computer access to Web sites with "controversial opinion."

TSA blocks work access to sites with 'controversial' content

The Transportation Security Administration is censoring employees' access to "controversial" Web sites on work computers, according to CBS News.

The trouble with truffles, and other airport security tales

In our recent stories on how, and how not, to take a laptop PC through airport security, we asked readers to recount their favorite tales of checkpoint complications. And they responded with gusto.