Unmanned Vehicles

Navy's 'Hunger Games' lab will put robots to survival tests

The multiclimate LASR research facility features desert, rain forest and other environments for testing robots and unmanned vehicles in harsh climes.

DOD aiming to lift restrictions on unmanned flights in US airspace

The department is working with the FAA to develop tracking and collision-avoidance technologies to enable more domestic unmanned flights.

DARPA's cheetahbot breaks speed record for legged robots

The Cheetah, part of the agency's research into all-terrain robots, is designed to move like the speedy hunting cat.

Air Force aims to unify robot aircraft controls

The Air Force is doing more with less by developing control and sensor systems that work across many platforms and reduce the number of unmanned aircraft systems and controllers needed for operations.

More drones coming to airspace near you?

Keep your eyes on the skies. A bill working its way through Congress could dramatically increase the number of drones allowed in U.S. airspace.

Georgia Tech team builds snakebots that slither -- and rescue

Scientists at Georgia Tech are looking closely at how snakes move in order to make robots capable of slithering into nooks and crannies.

DARPA seeks ways to rebuild space junk

DOD is developing new ways to get high-resolution images of spacecraft as part of a plan to build new satellites in orbit from parts salvaged from deactivated crafts.

NASA aims to let UAVs fly in civil airspace

NASA is teaming with Rockwell Collins to develop a data link that will allow UAVs to coexist with commercial aircraft.

Navy's undersea robots get smarter

The U.S. Navy is developing new software programs to make its ocean-going robots more independent.

Sensors for drones? DARPA wants an app for that.

Mobile developers who have worked on apps to help people find restaurants and buy movie tickets could soon be working on smart-phone apps to help the military fly its drones.

As robotics becomes more prominent, 'robot rodeos' are all the rage

A recent 'robot rodeo' for bomb squads in Oklahoma is the latest in a series of events that reflect the growing role of robotics.

UAV full-motion video changes the face of intelligence

Full-motion video from unmanned aircraft systems has proved a tremendous benefit to intelligence gathering in war zones.

Military mission: Avoiding geospatial overload

Improved tagging and better standards are making it simpler to merge an overwhelming amount of geospatial images, maps and related data.

Next-gen UAVs grow in form and popularity

Two fighter-jet sized unmanned aircraft are shaping up to be the future fast-attack platforms to come.

DARPA loses contact with aircraft traveling at Mach 20

Hopes for successful use of a hypersonic vehicle to aid the Defense Department's Prompt Global Strike plan were dimmed by a second unsuccessful test Aug. 11.

Homemade drone can snoop nearly anywhere

Two researchers introduced their WASP drone at the Black Hat security conference, and its potential for malfeasance is clear.

News Corp. has an eye in the sky: drones

The embattled News Corp., under fire in a phone tapping scandal, has added a new weapon to its news-gathering arsenal: drones.