Farm Service Agency looks to the cloud for imagery data

The Agriculture Department's Farm Service Agency is investigating how geospatial imagery data can be delivered via cloud-based Web services.

Move to Office 365 gives USDA robust e-discovery

The Agriculture Department's use of Microsoft's cloud and ProofPoint Enterprise Archive gives it one of the best e-discovery systems in the federal government, says USDA’s CIO Chris Smith.

National Geospatial Platform still has a few mountains to climb

The depository for federal GIS data is operating but must clear some hurdles before it can reach its full potential, geospatial information officers say.

Mobile network could tie USDA's far-flung agencies together

"USDA Anywhere" is intended to be a single departmentwide mobile network flexible enough to let its 29 disparate agencies modify it to suit their needs.

Telcos in 16 states to get more than $100M for broadband access

Telecom companies get money to expand broadband Internet access in rural areas.

How USDA took advantage of breaches to improve security

Sometimes a problem can become an asset, as when USDA leveraged security breaches to make the case for a security operations center with a focus on outbound traffic.

Microsoft's cloud apps catch up with Google on FISMA certification

About a week after its public dispute over Google Apps for Government's FISMA certification, Microsoft announced that its cloud-based suite of applications has passed muster for government use.

USDA sees beef in cloud computing

The Agriculture Department is moving its e-mail, document-sharing, and other collaboration tools to Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure to save money and improve efficiency, USDA officials said today.

5 agencies design robots of the future

Five agencies team to design robotic doctors, helpers, farmworkers and bomb-removers.

USDA plans security tech upgrade

The Agriculture Department is updating its security tools with the aid of industry partners.

Letter: SAP still in favor at USDA, Marines

SAP spokesman disputes characterization of agencies' removing SAP products in favor of a rival.

USDA, Marines replace SAP in isolated organizations

The Agriculture Department and the Marine Corps, citing cost, incompatibility and other issues, are replacing their SAP software with another vendor’s in specific divisions.

The rush is on to approve applications for broadband funds

The Agriculture and Commerce departments are rushing to review and approve $4.2 billion in stimulus law funding for broadband by Sept. 30, a report says.

Apps for Healthy Kids gives them a game they can win

The Agriculture Department challenges application and game developers to produce tools and games that encourage kids, especially tweens, to eat healthy and exercise.

Obama makes $795M in broadband grants

Some $795 million will be spent for broadband development in rural and underserved areas in a second round of grants.

Government-only virtual world on the way

Federal agencies are building the vGov government-only virtual world that will be used for employee training, education, meetings and simulations. It's expected to go online in July.

3 ways to make virtualization work

Virtualization efforts have run into familiar barriers, including limited budgets, security concerns and a lack of trained staff. But some agencies are seeing improvements in IT resource utilization, cost savings and energy efficiency.