Everything new is old again: Is e-mail on the way out as the Internet's killer app?

A survey of the Web threat landscape in 2009 from Blue Coat Systems indicates that e-mail, the application credited with strangling the U.S. Postal Service, is being supplanted by social networking sites as a primary means of communication.

Got USPS mail? There's an app for that!

A free iPhone app from the Postal Services helps users find post offices and track mail via mobile phones.

After a switch to Linux, IT shop modernizes 15-year-old Cobol system without altering code

USPS switched to Linux and upgraded its 15-year-old product tracking system by deploying it within the existing mainframe environment – running the legacy Cobol application through modernization software – without altering any lines of code.

Moving to Linux, modernizing software helps USPS lower computing costs

The U.S. Postal Service upgraded its Product Tracking System in order to increase the number of packages the system could process, but information technology officials also had another goal: to reduce, by 50 percent, the cost per millions of instruction per second

Project at a glance: U.S. Postal Service's Product Tracking System upgrade

USPS chose to deploy portions of the Product Tracking System on Linux, running the Cobol application through modernization software — minimizing the amount of code modifications required.

Better security boosts agencies' use of wireless devices

Defense Department policies, such as the 8100.2 directive, and guidelines from the National Institute of Standards and Technology have laid the foundation for using technologies that conform to the government’s stringent requirements.

Habla Cobol? Tale of USPS upgrade finds an international audience

Open-source software, Linux and Cobol appear to be of universal interest, as a story on a USPS tracking-system upgrade draws a large Spanish audience.

USPS goes open-source with tracking system

Postal Service IT officials have upgraded the service's 15-year-old mainframe system to handle more transactions and lower the cost of operating the system.

UniKeep shows eco-friendly media storage products at GSA Expo

UniKeep, maker of eco-friendly products for media and document storage, limits the environmental impact of its polypropylene products.

GAO: Intelligent Mail program might not be a good deal for mailers or USPS

As the Postal Service embarks on an effort to more fully automate its handling of bulk mail with more intelligent bar codes, the Government Accountability Office warns the program could be threatened by poor management and disappointing customer participation.