VA forecasts $3.5M in early energy savings from new system

Environmental Management System collects and reports 3,000 energy data points every 10 seconds, including main electrical and water services.

VA, DOD joint office delivers mobile app for PTSD patients

PE Coach app gives PTSD sufferers a central site to track their therapy sessions and more.

VA looks beyond iPad pilot to 'hyper portable' era

The department is planning beyond its current mobile device pilot test for the day it fields as many as 100,000 mobile devices across the enterprise.

Bon Jovi, VA join forces on new app to REACH homeless vets

The Veterans Affairs Department is hopeful that the New Jersey rocker's star power will encourage volunteer software developers to create a mobile application to help locate available shelters and care for homeless veterans and others.

VA sets three-pronged approach to improving services

VA is continuing to modernize its IT infrastructure to provide improved customer service in the form of electronic health records, telemedicine and online apps.

VA beefs up smart-phone pilot program

The VA has expanded its pilot project to provide Washington, D.C.-area clinical personnel with iPhones and iPads.

Agencies need new model for 'just-in-time IT,' federal CIOs say

The current system prevents agencies from reusing each other's services, CIOs said at a recent conference.

Real doctors, onscreen: VA program makes online house calls on vets

The pilot program in the Midwest uses two-way video and secure text applications to treat patients in rural areas and those with mobility issues.

VA plans mobile security strategy to manage 100,000 new tablets

The Veterans Affairs Department has concluded that a mobile device management solution will overcome any security hurdles that might arise from its move to tablets and smart phones.

Agencies, don't forget to turn off IPv4 on your way out

As agencies prepare for the IPv6 deadline, the Veterans Affairs Department plans to avoid one security problem by turning off IPv4 the day after, something other departments could watch and learn from.

All-in: VA sets date to shut down IPv4

As the Veterans Affairs Department completes the transition to the next generation of Internet Protocols, it plans to finish the job by turning off IPv4.

VA's slip-ups invalidate 157,000 ID cards

The VA has issued more than 157,000 personal identity verification credentials without proper security controls, throwing the validity of every credential into doubt, IG says.

Do consolidation and cloud always kill jobs?

Shuttering data centers and moving to the cloud can mean the loss of employees. But in some cases, agencies might need to hire more technical experts.

VA seeks info on cloud-based health care collaboration

The Veterans Affairs Department is seeking information about cloud-based collaborative tools that could improve communications between VA doctors and clinicians and reduce data breaches.

VA to allow iPads, Androids, other mobile devices on its network

The Veterans Affairs Department plans to allow employees to use mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Androids devices on VA networks by Oct. 1, CIO Roger Baker announced.

VA CIO surveys his department's IT hits and misses

The Veterans Affairs Department's IT consolidation has paved the way for the organization's technology initiatives, says VA CIO Roger Baker.

E-mail security as a (not-so-simple) service

As the Veterans Affairs Department steps up efforts to control sensitive data, it adopts a third-party front end to simplify the use of Microsoft Rights Management Services and make it more effective.