Who wins in the battle of FiOS vs. cable?

A study orchestrated by the Federal Communications Commission shows the real Internet speeds for Internet service providers' connections. Where does your provider land on the list?

NSA looks to protect defense contractors from cyberattack

The National Security Agency is offering its scanning tools to protect e-mail and other digital communications for major defense contractors, as part of what could be an escalating cyber war.

Unified comm paves way for better schools, more telework

Delaware is linking its government offices and school districts via Verizon's advanced unified communications tools to prepare for data-center consolidation.

Wireless carriers: Your data is safe with us, but we can't speak for third parties

AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile all say they obtain user permission before using a customer's location to find information.

Today is the day: iPhone lands in Verizon stores

Consumers can officially walk into a store and buy a Verizon-enabled iPhone 4.

What is 4G broadband, and do any wireless carriers really have it?

Verizon says it is fast. AT&T says it is even faster. Mobile broadband is exploding and everyone claims they have the best fourth generation network coming to a legion of data-hungry consumers. Really, though, what is this supposed 4G?

iPhone makes long-anticipated move to Verizon Wireless network

After years of speculation, the iPhone is finally coming to the Verizon network, breaking the lock AT&T has had on the Apple smart phone since 2007.

Meet AT&T's 4G -- almost the same as the 3G

AT&T's HSPA-plus mobile platform is being rebranded by the carrier as "4G." The company also announced several new Android-based phones coming to the network that will run on both HSPA-plus and Long Term Evolution standards.

CES 2011: What's of interest to government users?

Tablets, phones, televisions and perhaps even Microsoft Windows 8 are coming to CES 2011. Is there anything to expect for your federal agency?

Which smart phone bests the rest?

By the end of 2010, it's likely that Android will have surpassed the iPhone in U.S. market share, becoming the second-most popular smart phone platform, and on its way to becoming No. 1 sometime next year.

How hackers use Chelsea Clinton and the World Cup to steal your data

Verizon data breach study reports that malware continues to be a major problem and SQL servers are often the target.

Google and Verizon push tiered broadband services

Google and Verizon today issued a statement on U.S. broadband policy, describing an approach that would permit differentiated services.

The summer of my Droid

A six-month stint with a Verizon Wireless Droid by Motorola eased daily tasks for GCN’s Trudy Walsh.

Verizon releases framework for reporting security incidents

There is a trend toward standardizing language used to identify vulnerabilities and threats, but so far the trend has not extended to the reporting of security incidents.

Droid review draws loyalist debate

Few products seem to draw out more passion and partisanship than that exhibited by smart phone owners—and especially among iPhone aficionados. So it wasn’t surprising to see readers jamming up the comments box on after our review of the new Droid smart phone by Motorola being offered by Verizon.

Verizon lab to demo the greener side of telecom

Verizon Business opens a lab to show feds how optical local-area networks can help make buildings greener by reducing the energy needs of their networks.

Are some App Store apps rotten to the core?

Apple needs to do a better job of policing its mobile phone applications, or competitor Droid could leverage that vulnerability into greater market share.