Virginia Tech alert system helps lock down campus after shootings

VT Alerts, installed after the 2007 rampage that left 33 dead, alerted people on campus via Web postings, e-mail, electronic messages, loudspeakers, phone calls and a desktop app.

Virginia, Microsoft set up electronic health care registry

Electronic health record system would enable residents to store advanced health directives on Microsoft's HealthVault personal health record platform.

Va. county puts all land data into one site

Fairfax County's repository for land use data combines multiple databases and makes it easier for county employees, land developers and residents to access real-time information about property history.

Microsoft is going back to high school

Microsoft's IT Academy Program is being used to support technology education from computer basics to programming skills in high school students in three states, the newsest of which is Virginia.

Virginia puts traffic accident data online

A new interactive database of traffic accident data in Virginia will give residents, researchers and public safety advocates a better idea of conditions on the commonwealth's roads.

Virginia police deploy 3-D tech to reconstruct accident scenes

A multi-jurisdictional police forensics team is using two secondhand 3-D scanners to build models of crash and crime scenes.

VDOT looks to ease commutes in Northern Virginia

A Virginia pilot project looks to empower drivers with the information they need to decide whether to stay the course or bail out to side streets because of traffic logjams.

Cybersecurity moves to post-grad level at Mason

George Mason master’s degree program will teach executives how to speak the language of technology and manage cybersecurity programs.

Virginia, nonprofit plan supercomputer 'training ground'

The center is scheduled to open this fall in Danville, Va., and will be named the Center for Applied High Performance Computing.

Virginia looks to take unused cell phones away from state workers

State of Virginia will examine cell phone usage patterns to see where it can cut costs.

iLegislate: An iPad app for local governments

More software developers are designing iPad apps specifically for government use with the trend of aiming at the state and local levels.

Analytics tools help open the book on public-sector agencies

Government organizations trail the corporate world in making use of business analytics, but they can use their own data to influence agency decisions on financial, personnel, policy and other matters.

iPads have the floor in Virginia legislature

The Apple iPad is winning over some members of the Virginia House of Delegates, who are finding it an easier way to keep track of bills than hauling around binders of paper documents, Stateline reports.

Law enforcement using analytical tools to predict crime

Predictive software helps give police a better idea of where to send patrols at any given time. But at least one other use for it has raised the "Minority report" specter for critics.

Emergency access granted in test of interoperable ID system

An emergency preparedness event involving federal, state and private-sector officials demonstrated ID verification technology to scan and clear first responders from federal, state, local and commercial organizations.