Network transformation is the next big IT initiative

Leveraging the principles of compute and storage virtualization, software-defined networking allows agencies to virtualize their network infrastructure and services.

Building a secure OS from the ground up

Designed by researchers as a software-defined hypervisor, S2OS will be protected from application hacks and centrally manage networking, storage and computing resources.

Next up: Integration of virtual machines, containers

Agencies can meet increased performance demands by combining cloud-based virtual machines and containers.

Keeping pace with SDN means embracing the benefits

Rather than making network engineers obsolete, software defined networking gives them space to exercise more creativity and ingenuity in their roles.

Marines cut servers, improve service with hyperconverged infrastructure

To save money, energy and space, the Marine Corps Systems Command installed a hyperconverged infrastructure to virtualize its Organizational Messaging Service.

Strategies for keeping VM sprawl from taking over your agency

Even with policies to prevent virtual machine sprawl, IT managers should uses an automated approach that employs predictive analysis and reclamation capabilities.

A winning ticket: How virtual technicians can improve IT support

Advancements in virtual tech can reduce IT staff firefighting duties while delivering enhanced help-desk services to employees.

The outbound VDI: Internet access while protecting enterprise systems

An outbound virtual desktop infrastructure can significantly reduce the risks of threats to internal corporate systems and data while maintaining the benefits of internet access.

Video storage starts sheriff’s office on road to software-defined data center

What started as a video storage solution for the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office expanded to virtual desktop infrastructure and will soon include hyperconverged infrastructure.

Virtualization is transforming government IT, one benefit at a time

By virtualizing network functions, IT managers can make their enterprise networks not only easier and more cost effective to manage, but also far more secure.

Tuning network virtualization functions for a DevOps environment

Having a common set of management interfaces allows the virtualized networking aspects of modern delivery workflows to be managed in the same way as other parts of a DevOps workflow.

HCI opportunities in agency IT

Agencies have already leveraged hyper-converged infrastructure for sharing storage, virtual desktop infrastructure and workload consolidation.

Why the time is right for hyper-converged infrastructure

Evolutionary changes in technology and policy have created a climate for technology-fueled automation and efficiency in the data center.

What agencies need to know about hyper-converged infrastructure

HCI is the latest response to the need for a scalable, cost-effective, adaptable and easily provisioned data center architecture.

Making big data more efficient and accessible

To deliver big data effectively, agencies must implement networks that are highly agile, flexible and scalable.

Software-defined perimeter security for cloud-based infrastructures

A recent demonstration tested the viability of using an SDP front end to provide the access between various compute resources located across multiple public clouds.

Database, app to streamline operations in national military cemeteries

The virtualized Enterprise Interment Services System uses a mobile app to help cemetery operations teams streamline maintenance and a common virtual database and network environment for military cemeteries nationwide.