Weapon Systems

What's in your closet: The electronic clutter that surrounds us

While moving to a new office, the Lab uncovers long-forgotten, even mysterious, devices. Don't you have them in your office, too?

DARPA at work on satellite-free navigation system

The DOD's research arm is working on a variety of new systems that would allow troops and weapons to be located even when their navigation systems are being jammed.

Where will you be when the lights go out?

The Product of the Month for August is the SSGKRP-1 Uninterrupted Power Supply from Falcon Electric, a UPS with brains and brawn.

Team cracks chips used in military, aerospace systems

Researchers describing the attack on Field Programmable Gate Array chips say it is a practical technique with “real-world impact on the security of embedded systems.”

Air Force wants to get in your face with 3-D tracking

The service takes a step toward Big Brother with the idea to develop a camera that records visible-light and infrared images, along with a person’s unique facial movements.

Readying Patriot missiles for launch? There's an iPhone app for that, too

Pressing the keys on the mobile device won't actually launch the missile, but it will start a 3-D application to teach Patriot Missile crews about positioning and readying the Patriot system in order to launch and fire.

Onward and upward to new Reaper

The new Reaper model must be able to face emerging threats such as cyber warfare and surface-to-air missiles better than the current MQ-9 drone, says Col. James Gear, director of the Air Force's Remotely Piloted Aircraft Task Force.

DARPA wants to blow up military design process, start over

The government's blue-sky R&D agency launches a new effort to reinvent the design and manufacture of defense equipment using computer aid and crowdsourcing.

Wind power blows military in different directions

The Army is working on a wind-power project, while elsewhere wind turbines cause havoc with radar.

Army accepts first air defense battery operations center

The Army has accepted delivery of the first mobile battery engagement operations center for integrated air and missile defense from Northrop Grumman Corp., company officials said Aug. 17.

Can DARPA get a flying car off the ground?

GCN Lab director John Breeden is glad to see that DARPA is putting serious research into developing a flying car, like we were promised by futurists decades ago.

Leaner defense budget aims for realistic reform

The Defense Department's $708 billion fiscal 2011 budget request closely adheres to priorities set forth in the 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review.

DOD budget forecast threatens new technology deployments

Personnel and equipment costs might cut deeply into key defense acquisition programs over the next several years, reports Michael Bruno at Aviation Week.

Army demos electronic jammer for helicopters

The Army demonstrated during the C4ISR On-the-Move 2009 event held in September a new electronic jammer that can be installed on rotary-wing aircraft and used to disrupt signals from enemy forces.

Control systems cited in unmanned aerial vehicle crashes

A series of mishaps involving unmanned aerial systems operating in Southwest Asia has Army and Air Force officials revisiting key operational procedures.

New DOD memo looks to the horizon after FCS

A memorandum issued June 23 confirms the recommendations made earlier this year by Defense Secretary Robert Gates to replace the single, giant Future Combat System with a number of smaller modernization efforts.

Advanced sensor technology sharpens battlefield picture

The latest advances in battlefield sensors are paying dividends for vehicle-mounted warfighters.